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20 Rep Squat Log

Starting a six week 20 Rep squat program this upcoming weekend with a friend and am starting to get psyched. I’ve only been training for less than a year, most of which in very newbie fashion–no legs, bench, curls, etc.

Started on a Madcow 5x5 a few months back to incorporate some leg work and ended up getting addicted to squats. Nothing quite like the pump I feel everyday in my lower half. Came across this 20 rep squat program and thought I’d give it a try so I don’t want to continue to have the embarrassing equal squat to bench numbers. Here are my stats:

32 years old
6’2" 215 lbs, unsure of bf%
Squat: 225
Dead: 305
Bench: 215
Standing Military: 165
Bent over Row 90deg: 175

Obviously, I want to focus on the squats and increasing my strength there, but also want to keep it interesting on the other lifts as well so I don’t get bored. Looking for suggestions. Also, not sure if I should go 3 squat days a week or just two. I’m considering a squat-deadlift(not 20 rep)-squat workout week. Probably will start with 160lbs for 20 and increase 5 lbs each workout.

Any stories or suggestions for someone with my stats/experience level would be awesome. Time to put some base on this frame.

2 days squats, do the 20 reps then one exercise for hammies and u should be set and spent!

1-2 days for bench shoulders and tris

one day for deadlift and back and bis in the middle of the squat days

ive used this it worked splenders


I was not expecting this to kick my ass as hard as it did. My lifting partner went first today, and he�??s been at it a few years longer than me, but he cruised through the 20 reps at 160 lbs. I chose that number because it truly is close to my 10RM. When I got to eight, I literally thought I only had a few reps left in me. But I kept the son of a bitch on my back until I got my 20 and almost lost it in the garbage can. My knees were shaking, I was very dizzy, and I had the feeling my chest like I just did a bunch of sprints. Who knew I was this out of shape?

Unfortunately, I had very little for dinner and did it first thing before any sort of breakfast, so my energy level was probably very off. The rest of my workout sucked. Lesson learned. But, the cals are going way up starting today.
I�??ve decided that in order to keep this thing interesting for the next few weeks, I�??m going to break the 3 days into some sort of split. Today we did a little shoulder work after the 20 pullovers and called it a day, but it served more as a test day to feel how much is in the tank after the 20 repper. I�??ll be more specific on sets and reps next time.