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20 Rep Squat Frequency


I can't seem to find it, so does anyone know how many times per week one is supposed to do the 20 rep squat routine?


Good question, I want to know too. In fact, I want to know everything there is to know about 20 rep squats. I want to try it to get big legs! anyone?


I believe the routine is 3 times a week, and all you had to do was google it, first link


I don't want it if it's from bb.com. Those guys put me in the wrong direction for like 2 years. 3x a week seems a bit much...



This article gives lots of great info. Basically squats and milk. Too bad it mentions everything but frequency.


Three times a week is fine if it works for you. If it's too much, do it twice.

Pick up Randall Strossen's Super Squats to find out more about it. It's a classic, and only $11.53 on Amazon.


Thanks!!! I am going to buy that book.

You were right, 2-3 times per week. Here's a link to a brief explanation.


On pg. 66 in Super Squats Strossen says "Most people work out three times a week on this program, on alternate days, such as Monday,Wednesday and Friday. Quite a few people will find they cannot recover properly from this level of training and therefore do better training twice per week, such as Monday and Thursday. Still other people will find that, at least on the squats, they do best to train only every fifth or sixth day. Adjust your program to meet your needs and don't be afraid to develop an individual formula, such as training three times per week, but only including the squats on two of those days". The basic routine is total body and I personally was never able to recuperate working each body part 3x per week. I would try 2x per week and adjust accordingly.


so if you drop it to 2x a week, I'm assuming it could just fit in with a standard U/L split, doing the squats on your leg days.

From what I understand, the real advantage to 20 rep squats is the massive hormonal release that comes from putting that kind of muscle mass under that much stress... if you were to incorporate 20 rep squats into an U/L split on leg days, would your upper body still reap some of the benefits of the hormonal release?

Or would it be better to do 3 TBT sessions a week, and just do 20 rep squats on 2 of the days and make the 3rd day more deadlift oriented?


Everyday at least. Maybe two-a-days even. They are pretty easy.


Funny guy :). I do them 3 times every two weeks. If I train them more frequently my progress stalls. Since I started them I'm always a bit nervous on squat days since I know it is going to hurt and I need to do more weight or reps than the last session.


Once every 6-7 days. There is no way in hell you can fully recover from 20 rep squats in 48 hours.


It depends if you are doing 1 or 3 sets per session. It goes to day 3 sets per week is good enough. If you are doing 3x20, which some people do, once a week or more will do. If you are doing 1x20 working sets then you will want to do it 3 times as frequent as you would have if you did the 3x20

I think the original is 1x20 btw.


It's not possible to do 3 sets of 20 rep breathing squats with your 10RM the way we're talking about. Sure, some people may do 3 sets of 20 squats, but not this way.


why don't you try it and see what works for you?



I just felt the need to capitalize because i don't know how many times i have seen people comment in threads like these and not know anything about what we are really talking about. If you really can do 3 sets in this fashion in one workout, YOU ARE NOT HUMAN.



It also depends on the level of training. Most advanced guys would be SHOT if they did that more than once every 5 to 7 days.


ic. the reason i asked was it looked like a once a week deal, that you could use if you did a m/w/f split of deads w/accessory then this 20 rep deal and bench/accessory split.


Dude, just go for it! Try 2-3 times per week, and ramp things down if that's too much.
You'll know how YOUR body responds to it only after trying for yourself. Don't be afraid to experiment to see what works and what doesn't.


You could do that.