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20-Rep Deadlifts


Hey guys, my gym membership just got cancelled so im working out at home for the ~6 weeks till i go off to college. All i really have is a 300 lbs olympic weight set, so i decided to give this 20-rep dead-lift program i found in the articles here a try.


Mahler says to maybe incorporate some military press and pull-ups into the program, what kind of set/rep scheme would you guys advise?
a 3x5? 3x8? 3x10? 5x5? 5x10? My goal is pretty much to be silverback gorilla strong and big.


What do you think?

After reading all the articles here, which rep scheme would be better for you?


What have you been doing recently? Do the opposite. But silver back gorilla strong I recommend wedler 5/3/1 program. Easy to follow, fun and motivating and it works. My BDSM numbers have reached 315/465/525/245 in a very short amoun of time. My bench was 225 for 3 reps before just to give you an idea.


Im not entirely sure, i wouldnt know which one would compliment the high rep deadlifts and the pullups the best . Also there are articles on here for pretty much all kinds of possible schemes


Thank you, why would you recommend that? and i do intend to start that program once i move onto the campus and have access to a gym. Since right now i have a few weeks and just a barbell set, i thought the time was ripe for an moderately old-school intense program.


I think he recommends it because the program is focused on the basic lifts, has an intelligent progression built into it, and has been proven over and over again to produce results. Its a great program for those looking to get bull strong.


If you do high rep deadlifts, video yourself to make sure that your back stays safe.

I made pretty decent progress with limited equipment by power cleaning the bar and doing front squats. Good way to get strong without a lot of weight.


do 1 handed BB snatches and full zercher squats instead of 20-rep deads, as if you are considering that program, then you aint intimidated by that weight


If you stay with the high rep deads, do a you other lifts first. If done right, you won't have anything left after the deads.


Wouldn't doing the other lifts hinder progress on the deadlifts (and possibly increase a chance of injury once the weight gets heavy) since i would all ready be a bit tired from them?


It depends on what they are. Doing Bicep Curls before dead lifts wont really hurt performance, but doing Deads first might hinder your curls (if you leave NOTHING in the tank on the deads)- You may have to tinker and find a good order for you personally.

Hell, if you are training at home or in your garage it would probably be better to separate out the sessions into a Deadlift session, and then 6 hours later do everything else.

Some training program, like DoggCrap, have you put the heaviest, most brutal exercise last because while its true you might limit performance on it slightly, you will be damn near dead after the set and should barely be walking out of the gym unassisted.