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20 Rep Breathing Squat. 20 Rep Breathing Deads???


now i've done the 20 rep breathing squat routine and had great results and was really pumped at the intesity and focus i had while doing it. MY question is can you do this routine with the deadlift instead???????? would it be any different?????


You are begging for an injury going ten reps beyond failure on the deadlift.

You'd be better of doing rest pause or cluster set for all 20 reps instead of 10RM + 10 breathing squats.
Obviously you see this kind of deadlifting in strongman: 1 minute deadlift for reps.
The best way to go is not to go to failure then rest.

Also, I wouldn't do full ROM DL. There's too much stress and risk for the lumbar spine. Rack pulls for 1-8 rep clusters would be the best way to go.


yeah i was thinking about if i did the lifts in a slow pace with a reset in between each rep. just a thought wanted to throw it out there and see what people thought...


I've done 20 rep deadlifts some while ago, it is brutally hard. Many people say that the risk of injury is bigger than in the squat when doing high reps. If your form however is good, I am not convinced the risk of injury is much greater, if greater at all. Personally however I never do high rep deads anymore, it is because of a previous back injury. However I do 20 rep squats, or at least high rep squats. My back just feels a lot better with squats then deadlifts...

If you have good technique, I'd say: Why not try it. But if you do conventional style, and bend your back like a banana, I would rather abandon it...


This seems like a bad idea!!!!!!!! Wouldn't recommend it!!!!!


I agree with the clusters. Why do you want to do these. Strongman? or just some good old fashioned hard work?


Ummm...if you got great results, why change it?


honestly guys i was really just curious and wanted to see if anybody else had ever thought or tried it? i'm a big fan of squats and the breathing squats program. like i said i've enjoyed the program. I know that deads demand a lot of respect on technique but i thought if i could plan it right would the ends justify the means??????????????????? Just a thought...