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20-Rep Breathing Exercises, Besides Squats?

I had absolutely no idea where to post this. It should have probably been in the beginners’ forum, but I think I will get more attention here.

So, I’ve been thinking about other exercises like the breathing squats. Dips for example. Or chin-ups. Once I can do 20 reps of dips or chins @ bodyweight, what good, if any, would such a routine as squats and milk do when you train for a certain amount of time your upper body that way? Every workout up the weigh and force yourself into 20 reps in one set without resting in any other way than just hanging?

p.s. A /facepalm caption won’t do much good.

i’m a big fan of twenty rep squats. i don’t think that you could really successfully apply the breathing to other exercises in the way that you can with squats except maybe deadlifts, chinups and dips don’t use the same amount of muscle as squats do

I don’t think it would work well at all. Making jumps in weight would be almost impossible. Most people can’t even do 20 chins, let alone continually add 5 lbs or so per workout. There is no way your upper body could recover fast enough to actually see improvements.

Also, I don’t see it conducive to getting a stronger 1RM.

For chin/pull-ups adding weight is kind of beside the point. A bigger problem is that you can’t really grind out a chin/pull like you can a squat, which would make a breathing 20-rep set a different kind of hard. If you try it, you’ll see what I mean.

But it’s definitely fun to pick a weight and rep out after all other sets. And we don’t really care about what most people can do, because 20 reps of even BW chins kind of weeds them out.