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20 Pounds Gained In 3 Months

Thought I’d share my scale weight with you all. I started bulking at the start of the semester and just reached my goal a week ago. I’m 6’ 4".

1/30 199
2/06 202
2/13 202
2/20 208
2/27 208
3/06 212
3/13 209
3/20 211
3/27 212
4/03 213
4/10 216
4/17 217
4/24 215
5/01 220

The drop on 3/13 was due to spring break, the drop on 4/24 due to Passover.
I think from now on I’ll do things slower, as I (obviously) gained a little too much fat.
Right now I’m deciding whether to just start cutting or keep bulking, but do so more slowly. I’m leaning towards eating to gain but doing some HIIT to burn some fat off.
Any thoughts?

just wondering, what were u eating and what you were taking? I need to gain 20 or more pounds also

Give this program a try, whether bulking or cutting!
It’s tremendous!

20 Pounds of Untapped Muscle
This posterior chain program might just give it to you!
by Don Alessi

You can find it under the article banner, Don Alessi articles, I think it is the second one down.

Worked wonders for me a couple of months ago…and I was on a low calorie diet!

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I have an unlimited food plan at college so I ate a bunch of sandwiches all day on top of half a gallon of whole milk and a bunch of natural peanut butter.
I must have been getting maybe 2 pounds of meat a day.