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20 Pound Squat PR, 425 at 175


Critiques please. I rocked to my toes halfway through the ascent, having those shoes doesnt help but i have chucks on the way!

Thanks guys


Nice squat. Great effort in hanging in there during the sticking point.

I don't have anything to say about the actual squat, but I'd recommend you tighten up your setup prior to/during the unrack. You may be expending more energy than needed getting to the actual squat.

Again great work!


Thanks man, Im planning on doing a meet sometime here soon. Ill throw up some videos of my deadlift and bench, my deadlift is at 430 right now and my competition bench is 275 (300 gym).


looked great but could have been a LITTLE BIT deeper, (around an inch or less) but everything else looked good.


Solid squat, like said above, ~1 inch or so shallow but you didn't fold over. Are you competing 165 or 181? I'm trying to go 300-400-500 @165 in April, hopefully approaching a 400 sq soon. Good work.


good squat, needs alittle bit of deep but, still good
btw thats one nice looking gym


Its the Central College weight room. Its where I go to college (Strength and Conditioning major). Its a fine facility! Im not a fan of cutting but I will most likely try to compete at 165, 10 pounds is nothing. Thanks again.


go away


i formally apologize for being a depth Nazi.


Apology accepted, but then again, some people think quarter squats are deep...haha


Unless you yourself can squat double the weight he has on his back 2 inches deeper than he is going, you don't need to post a retarded comment like that.

Critiquing someone and saying they need to go bout 6 inches deeper is fine, but to tell someone they should go maybe an inch is just ridiculous.


geez brauny i said i was sorry.


Then I'll say it: he should go around 6 inches deeper. The squat seems to be the only lift where powerlifters will accept a partial range of motion. You don't see guys benching to an inch or two off their chest then being able to claim they "benched that weight." Should be the same thing with the squat in my opinion, you can't just not complete the eccentric and then claim to have completed a full rep.

This is a squat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK7m6I5m6gY


edit OP you are still very strong and this is an impressive lift, I'm just saying that to me it's a partial rep, though it would get passed in pretty much any federation.


Dude wth are you talking about.. the guy was definitely a bit high so what good does it do him not pointing it out?

Are you saying the judges must be stronger as well, in order to not give him three whites?


Haha dude, shut the fuck up. The OP posted the thread and specifically asks for critiques. What HERC gave was a critique. If you can't handle that than just log off your computer you whiny little bitch. Its not even your squat video and your getting all butt hurt over it? haha come on man dont be such a pussy


Nobody gives a good god damn what you think a squat is. This is the powerlifting forum. In most feds he needs a little more depth for that to pass, but he's very close. Go debate ass to grass vs. powerlifting squats somewhere else. Nice squat OP.


You probably cant squat 315 think you know shit? You don't, it shows when you actually post Some Oly lifter doing an OLYMPIC squat, not a PL squat. This is why the PL forum sucks dick anymore, and why every good powerlifter left. The only reason I even come on here is because I get bored.

Heres some actual PL comp squats.

I don't get why you even Post here, you all think you train hard but you remind me of a a bunch of mindless idiots.


Lets not start a discussion about what powerlifting actually is, but singleply is a lot bigger than monolift multiply.

And sorry but I can definately squat 315.

How about you post some videos of your own squat not everyone elses?


Why is it ridiculous? The squat was high. It would have got red lights in a contest. Close only counts with grenades and horseshoes.


Depends. I think that would pass in some feds.