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20 Plus Inch Standard Dumbbell Bars


Have you seen a pair of long more than 20 inch standard dumbbell bars? I had a look at ironmind and they have the big boy dummbells (24 inch). And at alpha fitness they have pro-style dumbbells with long ends (at least from the picture).

Big boy 200 bucks.
Pro-style are 40 bucks.

What’s the deal? Pro-style should be non-adjustible and stuff but these look like they have long parts where to put the weights.

If anyone has seen 20 inch standard dumbbells or larger with starlocks I would be so grateful. And yeah, a web address, not just “yeah, I’ve seen them” :slight_smile:


If you are a beginner why do you need extra long dumbells?

I mean, not many beginners are going to know much about this, per se… and it doesn’t sound like you want them because you are using those old oversized plastic and concrete weights. :wink:

[quote]vroom wrote:
If you are a beginner why do you need extra long dumbells?[/quote]

I am a beginner at heart and have been training seriously for 10 months now. So I haven’t even passed the one year mark.

I do gain strength quite quickly. Well at least I did :slight_smile: Started of with 15 kg dumbbells then went on to buy more weights, and I have maxed my dumbbells at 40 something kgs. I do chest presses with dumbbells as I don’t have a bench and a rack. No space for that. I do have a bar for rows, deadlifts, front squats, military presses and such. I put it in the corner of the room and the space is free again.

When doing chest presses the current dumbbells cannot take any small increments anymore so it’s either going olympic which in any case will be too small very soon (they max out at 60 kgs) or go for some oversized elephant dumbbells.

Funny. I have swallowed around 4 books on strenghth training already and got all nerdy about it. At the same time I train as hard as I can. If I had the space I would get a bench and a rack.