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20 ML's of Test Left


I was hoping to get some of yall's opinions on this extra test I have left. So I bought 30 ML's of test e from BP earlier this year, I used about half of the first vial but stopped because on 2 of 4 injections I got an allergic reaction and had to get keflax to treat it, a major pain in the ass.

Obviously I pitched that vial, but I've had these other 2 vials sitting here for like 3 months. What would you guys do with the other 2 vials? Try injecting from one of them and see how it goes or just pitch them and not worry about it? I'm kind of straddling the fence on this one.

I have a legit local source now so it's not THAT big of a deal if I have to pitch it, except it would save me $230.


I'd pitch it. I hope your local source is providing premium test e for $115/10ml vial.


It's probably more like $75 for 30mls, which is not a great price, but not terrible either.

OP, I'd toss what you have and get new stuff. Or, if you are a bit of a DIYer, you could spend less money and buy a 20ml syringe, a 20ml sterile vial and a couple of whatman filters and filter it all into the new, clean vial.

I remember your thread a while back when you had your "allergic reaction," and I would guess that it was more like an infection from either dirty gear or unsanitary injection technique.