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20 Minute Set of Muscle Snatches

Instead of starting another training log and then abondoning it after a week I decided to just throw the idea out there of doing a single weight, 20 minute long set of muscle snatches for conditioning. It’s probably a staple in crossfit-ty places but it’s new to me as of this week. Tonight was my second workout doing this. I was able to muscle snatch 155 pounds for 79 reps in 20 minutes. If you find yourself over thinking your cardio and body comp training give it a try. Yes, my technique turned to shit but the weight was light enough, for me, that I only had to press out maybe a half dozen reps so the danger level was low. It still sucked so bad tho. Happy snatching!

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Just an update on this, on the third workout I muscle snatched 155lbs for 96 reps in 20 miutes, and it frickin’ killed me. I was literally a zombie for the next couple of days. I’ve been doing a ton of reps on these for the past couple of months and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the top half of this lift. I think mainly due to keeping the bar closer to my body, I just not now finshed a muscle snatch workout with 190lbs. for 41 reps in 28.5 minutes. I moved the weight up because the monotony of throwing a weight over head 100 times was getting to me. So now, I do snatch grip 6.5 inch deficit deadlifts for singles up to a hand grip max on one day, followed up the next day by 40 singles of the standard muscle snatch and today that weight was 190lbs. I missed the 35th rep because I was tired and sloppy but I pulled it again and kept going. Even with just 40 reps (after an extensive warm up) these still suck so bad. Try it or don’t try it, they work great for me.

I should put a question in here: Does anyone who regularly does the snatch handle this kind of volume regarding the reps? And does it work for you? I’ve been ok with 40 working reps in a workout. I take a recovery at least once a week but usually I don’t pull as well after a day off however I do feel less rickety after a day of rest. This is for conditioning but I also want to force my body to have to work for it at the same time.

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Have you looked into the Joe Mills 20/20 routine? I know you’re doing this more for conditioning, but maybe taking a medium-light-heavy style approach to you week and having a light and longer workout (the 155lb long cycle), a medium workout (40ish rep day?), and then the Joe Mills snatch portion for a heavy day, might give your CNS a break throughout the week at times. I’m not a huge fan of high rep barbell Olympic lifts for conditioning due to easy form breakdown and it’ll take its toll on your recovery and CNS and would suggest kettlebells may be better in terms of recovery on the light long cycle day (look into kettlebell long cycles) and would help with form break down issues. By definition long cycles are done with kettlebells for the clean and jerk, but it’s just 10 minutes of kettlebell clean and jerks, same thing they do in competition for snatching im pretty sure. Now that I think about it I would just look into the SSST or secret service snatch test, it’s essentially a kettlebell snatch long cycle and you could see some numbers other people are putting up and try and beat their scores/ your previous scores each week on your light day.

Just a couple thoughts, take it or leave it, either way keep driving on.