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20 Minute Muscle Questions

Hi CT,

I am getting ready to start a round of the V-Diet and was planning to utilize the 20Min Muscle workout plan with the modification of doing all four movements M/W/F. My constraints are less about time and more about equipment, so the increased session length is not an issue for me.

Two questions for you regarding this routine:

1 - Is it reasonably viable and are there any further adjustments I should make to the plan for usage while on the V-Diet? I had considered adding a session on Sat and Sun doing two movements each session in place of the V-burn. Thoughts?

2 - Increasing the weight on all of the sets by a specific amount gradually throws the percentages quite a ways off. Is this something that needs to be accounted for in some way in the plan over the longer term?

Thanks for your help.

  • Chris