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20 Minute Muscle Builder


Hi CT, i really like this kind of approch ! i would like to train more often but reduce time. Is there any reason why you don’t perform a squat with the bench ? or can i add squat with this or not ?

is this a good approach if example i train with this method in the morning and in the PM i go to a mountain to walk as a ‘‘cardio’’.

thank you for your time !!


You can use any exercise you want. I was only giving an example of what could be done. It is the plan I followed when I got out of the hospital years ago and had a limited capacity to train.

Understand that it is NOT how I would train clients or train myself under normal circumstances. And you can’t get the same results training 20 minutes as training 45-60 minutes with the same quality. But it is enough to get some improvements if you really can’t afford to train more than 20-30 minutes.


ok good i understand ! what will be your kind of approach for a 45-60 mins training, to get ready for summer, abs and cardio included?


but u already said thats frequency is king so 6x20-30 mins isnt better than 4-5x 45-60 mins… my body cant afford 6 training of 60 mins anymore…


or maybe what should i add to this program if i like the formule and im available to train but wants to train more often and recover good


Yes frequency is king. But for MAXIMUM improvements you still need so workload. You tell that your body can’t afford 6 x 45-60 min then that might be a symptom that something is not optimal in your body or needs fixing.

That having been said 4 x 60 min and 2-3 x 20 min would be much much much better than 6 x 20 min

Something like…

DAY 1 - Hard workout
DAY 2 - 20 min workout
DAY 3 - Moderate workout
DAY 5 - Hard workout
DAY 6 - 20 min workout
DAY 7 - Moderate workout
DAY 8 - 20 min workout


No it’s not.

Yes frequency is king but you need to reach a certain threshold in workload and intensity in every session to trigger maximum progress.

6 x 20 min can give you some gains if that is all you can do (e.g. working 50-60 hours a week) but you can’t compare it to a regular workout.


Hi Christian I was curious about you’re 12 week Get jacked book and you said join the forum in instagram.

I was curious if it’s right for me since I need to loose a lot of fat.

I’ve started already using most supplements you recommend , some I can’t find in stores.

I ve been doing the diet so far only 3 days. It’s really tough to eat so much protein lol.


That is like 10 years old. Not something I would recommend anymore


Oh wow I didn’t know.

I’m in my 3rd day of it…
so my diet is clean

What do you recommend. I’m just under 300lbs I should be close to 200lbs

Let me know the cost please for a custom plan.

I don’t want buy a plan of someone that doesn’t have much credibility… meaning the massive amount of trainers on insta gram.



Go to his site Thibarmy for coaching services.