20-Minute Muscle Builder

[quote]usmccds423 wrote:
Hi CT,

I’m looking to start the 20-Minute Muscle Builder program you wrote about here:

I’m curious if there’s anyway to work squats into the program?

Chris [/quote]
Hey you, if you are planning to do the program as written, (not two a day training), I read on Facebook that CT recommends you can add squats to bench day with the same progression. This would extend training time though.

I am planning to do 2 a day training though, and then it gets more complicated. I plan to do this for deadlifts (cause going heavy deadlifts 6 times a week is insane):

And I wonder, can I do the exact same progression for squats? I plan to replace bench with squats, and train some lagging body parts on saturday (a quick 45 min session). I don’t think my body can handle benching and overhead pressing 6times a week and I don’t have time for extended workouts during the weekdays. Or do you have a better plan for training the squat 4 days in a row CT?