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20-Minute Muscle Builder Questions


Hey, I want to start the program 20-minute muscle builder, since it fits my schedule and I like big compound movements. But, I want to be proficient with the squat movement. Can I alternate deadlifts with squats, or should I add it to the barbell row/bench day, or do you Christian Thibaudeau or any other person have different suggestion?

Also, about the bent over barbell row, the article mentions that back should be parallel to the ground, does this mean it should be performed like a pendlay row where the barbell start from the ground on every rep? Or should I maybe use smaller plates so it doesn't hit the ground?

Here is the article: https://www.T-Nation.com/workouts/20-minute-muscle-builder
Thanks for input!


Morning Mate,

I had the same thoughts. Personally I found adding squats to the workout on their own in the early AM (I luckily have the option of being able to do 3x20min workouts per day), however if memory serves me correctly Coach Thib said you can add them to the Bench/Row days (tue,thur,sat unless you’re training daily that is), but this would extend the training time of the session.

As for the rows I have been using a supinated grip in a Pendlay style.

Hope this helps :).