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20 Minute Muscle Builder Question



Big fan, I read all your articles and enjoy them all. Keep up the good work.

My question is around the 20 Minute Muscle Building Program and your thoughts on my set up considering I can train more often and longer. Kinda defeats the purpose of your programming, but I really enjoyed the rep and set scheme you prescribed having tried it today and I currently can't squat due to rehabbing an injury. So I wanted to set it up like this this

Day 1

Bench - 5x80%, 1x90%, 1x92%, AMRAPx60%
Dips - 3x10-12-12
Tricep Pushdowns - 3x10-12-12

Day 2

Pendlay Rows - 5x80%, 1x90%, 1x92%, AMRAPx60%
Chins - 3x10-12
Cable Curls 3x10-12

Day 3

Deadlift - 5x80%, 1x90%, 1x92%, AMRAPx60%
RDL - 3x10-12
OHP - 5x80%, 1x90%, 1x92%, AMRAPx60%

I would run through day 1-3 taking a break when I need to and adding in Side Lats, Calves and Abs whenever possible.

Planning on being in a slog surplus and running this for hypertrophy.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.