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20 Min Workout

Due to my current working hours I’ve come up with a workout that only takes about 20mins. I take days off maybe once or twice per week. let me know if you think this will be effective for the time being.

Day One (alternating sets) 5x3 (progression-weight)
A1) BB Flat Bench
A2) Back Squat
B1) Weighted Dips
B2) One arm Dumbell Row

Day Two (alternating sets) 3x10 (progression-weight)
A1) BB seated shoulder press
A2) Sumo Deads
B1) DB side lateral raises
B2) Weighted Chin ups

Both these days take about 20mins to complete. The short time means my CNS doesn’t take too much of a beating, so I don’t need to take many days off. Comments?

With a back like yours? No - it appears that whatever you are doing is working quite well.