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20 Lbs in 20 Weeks


Alright well I'm trying to go from ~160 to ~180 by track season. I just wanted to know if you think I can get there that quickly and if it's advisable. Last year was my first year lifting and I went from 130 to 160 though I also did cross country last year (I just know I'll be shunned for that). Thoughts everybody? I've been reading the bulking sticky as well.


Gallon of milk a day + heavy weights.


Gomad really isn't in budget. I've been trying to eat as much as possible and I'm obviously lifting.


GOMAD, and if you can't afford the three or four dollars a day I suggest half a gallon. I mean shit, 5 months is plenty of time. Eat like you freaking mean it. Dense foods, like a hearty homemade spaghetti dish. Time the heavy carbs close to your workout.

Squat and deadlift every week, if not more than once. Don't make excuses and stick to a plan.


What protein sources do you think you can get cheaper than milk...? Maybe peanuts... rice and beans... not sure what else.


20lbs in 20 weeks is definitely doable. It's going to take a lot of food, though.


I went from 160 to 180 from Mid-March to Mid-August with my waist measurement only changing two inches. All the weight sort of poured on in the last few months with GOMAD\Half GOMAD and lowering some of my volume.

Of course that was more or less my starting weight too so you might have a harder time since you've already made a lot of newbie gains. It's a good definable goal though, pencil it in and bust ass to get there.


Alright, thanks guys. I'll be trying to get the milk in as much as possible with other calorie dense foods and lifting. I'll let you know how it goes as I'm progressing.



(wow, that just came out looking like a bunch of random letters.)

extra virgin olive oil for the win!


Just curious Hidden Dragon, what events are you competing in that you want to gain weight for Track? Shot put and discus I presume?


I don't want to gain it specifically for track. That's just a time-period thing. I don't throw either. I do 400s. I just picked 'by track season' because I know about what time that is. It'd be like saying 'I want to gain 10 lbs by Christmas' or something like that.


Looking forward to hearing your progress as I am in a similar boat. Just grabbed my gallon this morning...


what are your events in track?


I run 400s and 800s.


Be careful with EVOO though. Makes me want to puke. Plus the mono's in it blunt my appetite.
Get your calories in through liquids if you plan on eating a lot for example...
1 1/3 cup of whole milk
2 TBS peanut butter
1 banana
4 scoops of protein powder
maybe EVOO if you can handle it

Over a 1000 calories right here.


I might eat something and then take some olive oil right before bed. See how well that works.


Perfectly doable if you have all bases covered-good programme, 8-10 hours sleep, lots of protein etc


I second the liquid calories.

My preferred drink is:

Protein powder
Frozen fruit
Oatmeal (first microwave it and let it cool)
Milk or water
Scoop of carb powder like waxy maize (dirt cheap online)

Before bed I like:

Heavy cream
chopped nuts and or peanut butter
pasteurized liquid egg whites
protein powder

You can easily 2-3 thousand cals to your daily intake with the shakes above without stomach issues since liquid cals are much easier to digest.


^Also absorb the nutrients better as well


Alright thanks for the drink ideas. I just had my first tablespoon of straight olive oil last night. Tasted totally like crap. It was pretty awful. I suppose you have to do what you have to do though.