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Has anyone tried 20-hydroxyecdysone?

Yes, I have been using it (along with other ecdysterone analogs) for years. The stuff is great for recovering quickly, anti-inflammatory and protein synthesis. Finding the good stuff is hard though, and it isn’t cheap.

What product are you using or considering using??

I have been on it now for about two weeks. I take four tablets/day (400mg) on non-lifting days, and six tablets /day (400 mg) on lifting days. The only other suppliment that I am taking at this time is ZMA at night, and protein powder (2 servings, 50 grams each).

At this point in time, it is hard to tell if I am getting any sort of a positive effect from it. I am gaining weight and my strength is going up, but I can say for sure if these positive changes are due to the 20-hydro or not.

I will keep you abreast of any more changes two weeks and four weeks from now. For now, I would say give it a try if you have plateaued in your gains, otherwise just keep doing what you are doing at present.

I used ZMASS and got some results with it, but that could be from the ZMA and l-dopa. Unfortunately there’s no company at this time making a straight 20E product.

Hey Michael,

There is a company out there that makes a strait 20-hydro product, but they call the substance by another, analogous name.

IF you want to discover it, do a web search on the substance “Isoinokosterone”. Click on the links and you will find at least one suppliment company that distributes such a product.

Good luck…

What are you basing your dosage on? I’ve looked
at abstracts of some of the animal research on this substance and the dosages vary tremendously. I haven’t been able to find the dosages used in any human studies, but I’ve read sources on the internet that suggest only 50 mg a day. And have any of you seen a place to purchase the Russian
extract Ekdisten?

Hey Justin,

I initially just went with the dosing schedule that is listed on the bottle that I have; namely 1-2 tablets, 3 times a day. I then adjusted it, based off of a comment that one of the T-mag writers made, namely that their analysis of this particular companies product was underdosed by about 50% of label claims.

I haven’t seen any company short of Atletika sell the Russian version of Ecdisten (sp!), and I don’t know if this company is still in existence.

Good luck in your search and be sure to report back if you learn anything…


I know what you mean about dosing… it’s all over the board. However, 20-HDE, Isoinokosterone, ecdysone, rubrosterone etc. are all “ecdysterones” according to most sources. The BEST type I ever used was a 6-keto ECD analogue called 5-alpha-hydroxy laxogenin acetate. Also known as “compound 2” in the Russian literature. Dosages of 10-30mg/day proved anabolic in those studies, though I found 50mg to be the magic #. It took 500mg of 20-HDE to equal 5AHLA, at least in my body. 7-keto DHEA should exhibit 60% of the anabolic activity of rubrosterone, but I never tried rubrosterone. Don’t feel bad if you’re confused. The testing equipment used to identify ecdysterone couldn’t differentiate the various types either. Bottom line: there’s a lot of crap ecdysterone products on the market right now. You’ve got to really dig to find the good stuff. Atletika is your best bet for Ekdisten. Watch how many of the big boys jump on Ecdysterone when someone figures out how to do it right…

Where have you found info. on the web?

hey i am currently using syntrabol for 6 caps a day… i haven’t used Atletika… but i also found another seller that seems to have tried to mimic atletika with Ekdisten and Ekdipure in their two products… the company is called VelocityNutrition. You guys might wanna check them out- again i dont know.

Thanks Dman for the tip. This looks like an Atletika site but geared more toward the power athlete. I like it. Might give this Ekdipure a whirl (wish I knew which ECD type it was though). I do like their integrated approach instead of just “take this”.

Please post your results from Syntrabol. I’d be curious to know if it delivers.

I searched Medline and Current Contents. Almost all of the studies I found were Russian, so most of the information I got was from a brief English translation of the abstract.