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$20 for Participation in 30 Min Survey


Title says it all. I will send the link to the first few people that PM me. This is legit from the University of Michigan. It's about social network sites so it's preferable that you have such an account.

You get paid within 24 hrs (email) via a Visa pre-paid debit card (money is also transferable to an account I believe)


It's a trap.


Even if it's true, $20 for a 30 min survey. I take enough surveys at work, but if you really want the die-hard social networking people you should be offering Farmville stuff they all seem to love the Farmville.



No it's not... It's funny though there are so many fake posts and spam like this on facebook that people dont trust anything anymore. Makes sense. I dont blame you if you think its fake.

University's pay people for studies all the time, this one is just done electronically and over a larger audience/target. The quota has been reached for New York State residents though, sorry ahead of time for that.

Farmville rewards > Money ? haha- but you might be right


you get enough responses yet? I PM'd you and I like money.



I am represent to you the survey of bodybuildings. You fat now get on fire. come now its.

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"Ah, how fortuitous it is for God Almighty to have induced you to complete a survey of the social networking, as He has put you forth into contact with me. In good faith, I am Dr. Barrister Chuku D'Awayabe III (Esq. - Ph.D - LLB). A client of mine, Rev. Hon. Donovan Oheming-Kufu, perished in a plane crash flying medical supplies from Prussia to Ceylon (see attached link). He left in good faith 32 MILLION USD, but as he has no next of kin, in good faith because of your willingness to complete a survey of social networking, I will facilitate your receipt of 22 MILLION USD. Praise God Almighty, in good faith."