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20 Days After Cycle. ?

Im about to start my pct,

i could only get clomid . here it is

day 1 150mg /day
day 2-8 100mg / day
day 8-14 50mh / day

i can also get HCG, not sure if i needed?, i was running weeks 1-4 dbol as srtarter and followed by 9 weeks of sustanon 500ml /week .

what you guys think?

I think that 500ml of Sustanon is quite a large volume at 250mg/ml… but I know what you mean!

So you did a 13 week cycle? Or a 9 week cycle?

i will go with what you said which is 13. That is quite a long cycle, and your PCT is… well… kinda ‘limp’ to say the least. I personally have NOT used clomiphene, but if i was to run it for therapy i would do something along the lines of:

150mg ED/WEEK 1
100mg ED/WEEK 2
50mg ED/WEEK 3+4

There are a few options with dosing but it is usually a 4 week minimum for PCT of all kinds.

I can only assume you have 20x50mg tablets? bad idea… you should have dropped the dianabol and bought more clomid/tamox.

IF you only have 20x50mg tabs i would suggest 50mg a day for… you guessed it, 20 days… that is nearing 3 weeks and the best you can get with what you got. Can you get more?


I’d add another week on at 50mg/day. If you didnt add another week due to lack of product then cut your dose at day 5 to 50mg and run that till you are out.

Yeah i messed up 500mg of sus per week :slight_smile:

Yes i can get more, what you propose on my dosages.

Or if you can do what lillguy says without getting more, you may as well… i trust him and you should too!