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20 Day or 40 Day?


Background first: I'm currently 240lbs at around 17% BF, 6'2". I have been training for 11 years. I was currently planning on doing two 40 day cycles with with 114 days between them,
1-10 Prop 50mg/d Wins Oral 50mg/d
11-20 Prop 50mg/d Wins Inject 50mg/d
21-30 Prop 50mg/d Wins Oral 50mg/d
31-40 Prop 50mg/d Wins Inject 50mg/d
1-80 Letro .5mg/d
41-80 Clomid 100mg/d

I am entertaining the idea of running four 20 day cycles with 64 days between each of them.

1-10 Prop 50mg/d Wins Oral 50mg/d
11-20 Prop 50mg/d Wins Inject 50mg/d
1-40 Letro .5mg/d
20-40 Clomid 100mg/d

The reason for alternating the Oral vs. injectable Winstrol I got from Author L Rea.

I plan on using short esters for avoiding sides, keeping gains (right now I only have access to Test C, Test P, Winstrol, Anadrol, and maybe Anavar.) I was wanting suggestions-pros/cons on which one of these routes would result in the best long-term gains, etc.

I have 66 weeks from now for my goal of gaining around 15-20lbs muscle (although I'll settle for more) and losing 25-30lb fat (around 8% bf), and was planning on starting no early than 14 weeks from now. These will also be my first cycles.


first off, thank you for posting some history and some actual goals with a timeline.

if it were myself, with your goals in mind, and the AAS available to you, i'd run the following:

with 66 weeks to your goal:

-6 weeks on, 6 weeks off
- on weeks: prop @ 100 mg EOD/or 50 mg ED, var @ 40 mg ED (or if var is not available, winny @ 50 mg ED), letro @ 1 mg E3D
- off weeks: 2 weeks clomid @ 100 mg ED, 1 week @ 50 mg ED, Alpha Male & Methoxy-7 throughout.

my 2 cc's. good luck bro.


I am also thinking about running Albuterol for 20 to 40 days post-cycle with psuedofed every 10 days for 5 days. Should I wait longer than 6 weeks post-cycle before starting a 2nd cycle because of cns fatigue? Also what might I expect from one of these cycles given nutrition and training are in order? One more question is my timeline is based on a wedding and honeymoon in St Lucia, how long would everyone suggest I be clean before - based on sides/recovery?


Personally, I think 20 days is just way to short. Even with prop, your just going to get rolling and it will be time to come off again.

40 days, or 6 weeks might be a good place to start. I wouldn't take that much time off between cycles however. On something that short, 6 weeks off would be more than enough. Generally, time on should equal time off if you plan on running multiple cycles.

I would also not run any anti-e to begin with, just see how you respond. Keep the other stuff close by so if anything comes up you can jump on it.

Maybe try 2 6wk on, 6kwk off cycles with the prop and winny, although I don't like the stuff. In any case, keep us posted.