20, 6’ 172 lbs. Looking for Thoughts/Advice

Front Relaxed

Back relaxed
Looking for honest opinions and advice… only been seriously eating and lifting consistently for 1.5 years. Thanks!

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Labels on images got messed up but it’s fairly straightforward.

Not a bad start, thanks for including leg shots. Overall you just need more mass which will come with consistency in training and ediet but you could really benefit by putting mor focus on your legs. Most people lag there in the beginning.


You are doing a lot better than 99.8% of every other 20yr old. Well done. A year and a half is an incredibly short amount of time for your muscle development. Good genetics, good drugs or mix of both!

I assume you are asking about proportions for getting on stage? Bodybuilding/physique/classic?


Your waist is fairly small, good V-taper genetics. So you wanna try to keep improving your back and shoulders to make it even more prominent.


Posted awhile ago, and appreciate the feedback… any advice for bulking at roughly 6’ 173lbs and an estimated 11 or 12% BF?

Posted on here a while back (few months ago) for the first time and got some nice feedback so I appreciate it. Just posting again to help motivate me and direct some more focus. I know for the most part that I could use some overall size. I’m not looking to compete necessarily but who doesn’t want to be big and look good? Haha! Currently weigh somewhere around 174.5 and at 6’. 20.5 years old and just ending my second year of focused lifting and about a year of focused eating. Any and all comments appreciated! Thanks!!

Looking pretty good man.

I’d be looking to balance that left arm up a bit with the right first. Other than that, I’d say lats and maybe some more meat on the tris so they have some sweep about them.

He’s 20! I bet your right arm was bigger than your left back than to! Mine still is… Haha


Thank you! The angle of the photo and the fact that I was holding the phone with my right might have influenced it… in reality they’re pretty similar. But definitely working on the tris and lats