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20 5'8


Training for about 4 years now

Some numbers

Squat 500
Dead 495
Bench 450


Tattoos.... an addiction lol








back db


Solid physique, I'd say lats (and delts, to some extent) stand out as needing more attention.

450 bench? That's impressive. Not doubting you, but I've never seen someone your size/experience pull that off. I've put up 405 @ 230lbs and that felt like a fucking truck, lol.


You look solid, good work
Videos of the bench?


lots of potential

Delts for sure would def round out your physique


Here we go...it's call rate my physique...not rate my lifts.


Solid looking, if those lift numbers are true thats really damn impressive. Everything looks pretty proportionate except for maybe shoulders and chest.


Thanks guys, yeah need to bring up the chest a little and delts, i'm training alot of DC so i dont to a crazy amount of anything like... lat cable and axillary and what not. And yes the numbers are for real, I'm just abnormally strong I always have been. But You guys hit it where i thought I needed work.. What I was thinking too


O and btw. My avatar is a better shot of my lats for the Front double... fucked it up and just didnt' feel like retaking it, also none of my numbers are Maxes, the squats are Dc style that include widow makers... Guess i haven't had the resources to just go in and max. Someday though haha


Looking good and thick man, what are your long term goals? Competition? Or just staying nice and big. If you can manage to stay that lean and gain another 20-30 pounds, holy crap you would be decked out.


Not sure about my tattoos if i could darken them enough. My back wouldn't score to well but my front double with my quads would get a good rep. Even though my shot sucked that time, usually better. I have been dieting somewhat serious and am really kicking it in gear now though, I want to throw on about 20 more pounds. I think I would be far into competeing by now if not for the tats.


Looking good. Post a vid of that bench to squash the non believers. Quads are looking good. Keep it up.


Perhaps you should post in the "Rate my lifts" forum...


Lats and shoulders... And the bench numbers are suspect.. Even given your short stature. You sure that shouldn't be a 3 in front of 50? Prove me wrong but I've seen a lot of 450 pressers and every one has significantly more mass and years training than you.. Most are powerlifters and have years of experience.. If this is legit you should be training for PLifting instead of bodybuilding..


Quads are very impressive. You have a ton of potential.

Bench seems a bit high, got any videos of lifts?


Bench 450 and "none of my numbers are maxes"? Is this a smith machine 450, hammer strength 450? WTF, for real. I didn't see your weight, and you are muscular, but you're not that damn muscular to have a raw, free weight bench of 450. If you somehow really do, like someone else said, train for PL!

Also- Have you not been training deadlift as long as bench and squat, or are you just not that good at it? I'd expect your deadlift 600+, with a 500+ squat, and those quads, surely you can't have problems getting heavy weight off the floor- lockout sucks?

Yea I know this is rate my physique, but you posted numbers, so I figure it's fair game.