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20 / 5'11 / 185lbs / 8-10%?


Posted on here before, wasn't recieved so well for my idol being Zyzz lol.

Anyway i'm getting amongst my first comp in 2 1/2 weeks, was going to post some progress cut photos in here as i go along.

Heres a side tri, i'm not exactly sure if i'm holding it correctly, i think i should have my shoulders pinned back slightly more? apreciate any critiques


latest progress


latest progress


You look great. Post all the required pics and I'll give you a rating.


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awsome...i will acheive that body one day....nice job man..


Just curious to know what your stats are, apart from the ones in the thread title


i plan on posting a video with me running through my mandatory pose routine. will be easier to nitpick that way haha


You look a lot heavier than 185lbs.


^Exactly. When you look back at all the 'greats' in the sport, you'll see they all have at least one subtle variation of a pose that just makes it theirs. As everyone's structure can be quite varied, find what shows off your strengths best, and hides your weaknesses just as well.

Let the mirror be your partner in this endeavor.



hard to tell if you're not posing, but from those pictures I would say you look good.


Here is posing vid, its a fuking disgrace tbh. prepare to lol at my awkward transitions : )


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your legs are lagging, something serious, brochacho.

waist up tho, lean and pretty big. i can dig it