20/5 Rule When Doing EDT?

If you have any experience with EDT please answer this.

I understand the 20/5 rule for EDT, when your doing it by the book.

Basically if your using your 10rm doing sets of 5 starting and going for 15 minutes, you’ll probably get 40 reps or so for your first PR. Then when you increase the reps by 20% (48) you’d up the weight 5%.

Im basically following the same template, but changed things a little bit to suit my individual needs.

For starters, im probably using my 4rm. I started with about 85% 1rm. The first workout i did all singles, and was able to cram 15 in 15 minutes. It was hard time wise, but i was not very fatigued. The next workout i went to sets of 2, and was able to get 9 sets so 18 reps.

Now according to the 20/5 rule, i should now raise the weight 5%, but im not really sure if im ready. I was thinking of next time, starting with sets of 3, doing as many as i can, and then possible sets of 4 after that. My goal would be to reach 25-30 reps in 15 minutes, which would be 100% more than the first time.

Any experience with this guys. Im using EDT to raise my work capacity with “heavy” weights, but alternate it with conventional strength training as well.

Charles recommends doing a PR zone for 15 minutes doing 1 rep per minute then increasing the weight after each workout. The 20/5 rule doesn’t apply in this case.

However, I don’t see why this is a bad idea. It seems to be working for you. Keep it up.

Alright, im gonna keep trying this for a bit. So far Ive been doing a full body split. Heres the summary of the first 2 weeks.

Week 1 - 15 singles
Week 2 - 9 sets of 2

In both of these cases, fatigue was not a major factor. Week 1 was definately easy, week 2 I was running out of breath, but little muscular fatigue.

For week three I think i’ll shoot for 7-8 sets of 3. After that, I may go to 6 sets of 4, or increase the weight 5% and back to 15 singles.

I will repost if this seems to work after a few more weeks.