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2 Yr Old Lights Up Cigarette


fucking sad if its legit and no wonder china and other SE asian countries have so many road accidents if 2yr olds are driving scooters whilst smoking.


Am I a bastard for laughing at how professional he looks with that smoke? If someone had handed him a beer and he kicked over that scooter I think I'd have pissed myself, I should probably go to bed.


Heheh he's cute nevertheless :slight_smile:

But ehhh...damn letting him smoke at such a young age....wtf bad parenting?


No, not at all. I thought it was funny how he smokes too. Very fluid and professional, lol. It's definitely not his first time. He will be China's Marlboro man.


i think he looks badass, u kno... smoking makes u cool :slightly_smiling:


That's an example of how keen a child's powers of observation are. He's mimicking everything he's probably seen his dad do with that cigarette... down to the subtlest nuance of body language.

It would have been impressive, had he not smoked that cigarette.


Dude, the Chinese just don't give a fuck. He probably does shots of Moutai with his dad too.


sad, but funny



While it looks like he's not inhaling, it's still wrong and I really want to choke his father.


I don't know which is worse this video of a child smoking or that kid tied to a tree. Discusting.


Exactly what I was thinking. Monkey see...


Yea, reminds me of this video of the 1 year old kid deadlift, whith suprisingly decent looking form.


That video just makes me want to have a son :slight_smile:

EDIT See link above...


NO way that Kid was 1 year old. Maybe 2, but not 1.


That's so bad ass, I'm so teaching my kid to deadlift as soon as he can walk, he's already got a pair of Chucks.


And they all get to live 9 decades...

Who am I to argue....


Forget the cigarette...how about giving the two year old a lighter? Or taking him on a motorcycle?


coolest fuckin 2 year old ever


Well they're 1 until they reach that second birthday. He could be 23 months old and still technically "1 year old".


Is this the same kid, who had to smoke to relieve some pain that he had?