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2 Yolks in One Egg


So recently I've been buying this brand of eggs and at least half of them have two yolks in every egg...now, my question is, I know it's stupid, is do I count that as a more caloric egg? I've never really encountered this before. The 2 yolks are not necessarily bigger than one normal one...kinda weird. Any thoughts?


Common sense.


buy a different brand of egg haha....i eat a ton of eggs and i come across the double yolk maybe once or twice a year....why look deeper into this than simply change the brand of egg your buying cuz to have 6 eggs our of 12 having double yolks sounds like these chickens are mutated or some shit haha


Dude...your too focus on the small stuff...count it as one or two and move on.


Eat that shit up man, yolks are quality calories! Unless you were on a hardcore cut, it can only benefit you. FWIW I go through a dozen raw eggs every day...and it sure ain't making me fat. Counting calories that minutely is unnecessary for 95% of people.


You have found what is known as "teh win"

Congrats. You get 5 bodybuilding points.



Sounds like someone is giving the chickens fertility drugs.


I had a carton last week and everyone of the eggs were double. Weird.



Double Yolkers appear when ovulation occurs too rapidly, or when one yolk somehow gets "lost" and is joined by the next yolk. Double yolkers may be by a pullet whose productive cycle is not yet well synchronized. They're occasionally laid by a heavy-breed hen, often as an inherited trait. Sounds like fertility drugs to me!


All of the eggs my mum has bought recently from a local farm shop have been double, bigger eggs too.

Meh, i think it makes great omelettes.


My family raises chickens and it happens all the time. . . no drugs whatsoever. Thanks for the interesting info AZcats.

I would count it as one egg. . . couldn't hurt ya, and I don't see it as mattering.


"All the time", like one or two a day when you go out to get them (out of dozens of eggs, don't know how many chickens you have) is not the same as the 90-100% these guys are talking about... every egg in the carton?

Sounds off to me. I'd avoid. Just like every so often you get a bloody-fertilized bugger. If every egg you got was full of blood and half-developed chicken, you'd probably switch brands too.


I got 3 yolks once...


You're right Spartiates, not 100 percent of the time. . . to be honest I'd say 1/6. It may seem small, but when you're downing a whole bunch of eggs, it gets noticeable.

I'm going to keep track for curiosity's sake henceforth.


Do I hear 4? Anyone.. Anyone


I'd throw that shit in the bin right away and not shop next to a nuclear power plant.


Few weeks ago was cracking my eggs into a shaker bottle, and like the 10th egg had blood in it (drink 12 at a time)...so I was like fuck it, and finished cracking the dozen anyways.

Made me feel so hardc0r3! I think it increased anabolic-ness by 500%, just like the first batch of leucine! Then they downgraded it and made it only 70% more anabolic, like normal eggs!


What are you visiting from the 15th century?

Better throw some salt down and draw a pentagram in cow's blood before THEY get you, too.


The blood in my omelette a month ago seemed to belong to a very prematurely formed embryo.

Got me a nice batch of STEM CELLS post-workout, Fuck yeah!