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2 Years


I'm 17 years old, and this October is the 2 year mark for me. I started off at about 150 pounds, and now im at 208. Tonight, I done my max squat, bench, and deadlift to see what my numbers are.

Squat - 385
Bench - 295
Deadlift - 415

I train mostly for aesthetics, but i do my maxes probably 2-3 times a year, just to see where i stand. Im pretty satisfied with my lifts, and id like to thank T-Nation for all the support. I wouldent be the same guy without this site.



Thats great man, congrats on the hagrd work.


If those numbers are real and lifts are done with good form than i am very impressed especially at 17.. keep up the good work
got any vids?


We did tape the lifts, but im not sure if we can get it from the camcorder to the computer... if we can it'll definately be on here. All i have right now is a video i took abck in July, which you'll find here:


My deadlift tonight wasnt alot higher, for one because i done my max squat prior to doing that, and second i havent really been focusing much on deadlifts since that date. Either way, when/if i get the videos, ill post them here.



good for you brother, i just turned 17 as well and my max bench is 315 and dead is 430 tested over the summer im 215 though, its always nice to be a strong teenager.

keep lifting hard



Interesting, considering you listed your numbers rather than pics it would seem you lift for strength purposes rather than Aesthetic. Either way good job excellent progress 58lbs I think someone else recently asked if that was possible.


Nice work ProfCHAOS. Keep rockin!!!


Your right... i just don't have access to a webcam or digital camera right now. When I get my hands on one ill be sure to get some pics.




amazing numbers for ur age