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2 Year's Progress


The first photo is of me during the Summer of 2007, the second is of me yesterday. I went from 176lbs. to now 188lbs. (5'10"), and am now leaner than at 176. I turned 21 last month.

Lifts: (2007,2009)

Deadlift: 455, 505x3
Squat: 425, 485
Bench: 275, 345
Pull Ups: Rep w/90lbs, Rep w/120lbs (8-10reps)

I will have more pics. I just snapped this one yesterday and was anxious to give a progress update. I know my progress is not tremendous, but has been the result of making educated nutrition and training decisions, largely due to the volume of knowledge that I came across on this web site a few years ago. I am thankful for this site, as it has taken me from a curious teenage football player thinking about using steroids to a still natural young man, less ignorant, less weak.

What do I need to do to get in the T-Cell? Any suggestions, comments, rude remarks are welcome.




Need more pics, back and wheels or you will be flamed


Nice avatar.


^You just joined!Iron-Hoosier^

I'm pretty sure he knows been here since 2004 that's 1...3...4 years and 11 months more than you(don't let me down op)

Good lifts man.


post required pics or suffer a 1.


I am moving from California to Boston, MA tomorrow- will post pics once I get there.


^this is so predictable.

even though we need more pics your obviously pretty jacked dude imma give a 8..



or you could PM me pictures of your private parts (all of them).

dude u're pretty effing strong. you're a good 50lbs less than me and could probably be my workout buddy. awesome job man!


You suck! Post the required pics.

Just kidding. Nice job.


nice job, what was your diet/training during that time period?


Strong lifts for someone at your bodyweight. Putting that much weight on your lifts is nothing to sneeze at even over two years time; and they weren't small to begin with. You've got a base level of strength most guys your size would kill for.

Spend six months eating everything in sight, hammer those arms and shock some people.