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2 Years out from D1 Hoops!

Hey there everyone, been reading this site for a while, but wanted to read most of the articles/forum posts before asking for help. My question is this. I am currently 6 feet tall and 180 lbs, and have a legitimate shot at playing division one basketball.

My end goal is an ivy league school to play at, since I’m almost sure I won’t play professional anywhere. My basketball skills are up to par in terms of division 1 (told by numerous low-mid major division one coaches), but I need to work on my athleticism.

My current vertical leap is approximately 27 or so inches.I’ve just finished reading the VJB and will use those plyometrics for my reactive strength.

I have spent a few years in the weight room, but I feel as if going really hard for the next two years I will be able to break into the level of vertical leap/quickness/overall athleticism I will need to compete.

In addition to putting up anywhere from 300-500 shots daily (and ballhandling, conditioning, etc.) I have included my workout, and please critique as you find necessary. Any criticism is welcome.
Current Weight
Monday- Torso Chest: Bench 225 8x3
Inc 185 8x3
Back: RowMach 255 8x3
PDown Machine- do not know free weight equivalent
Plyometrics 4x10 Depth Jumps, Jump Rope

Tuesday- Limbs Shoulder Milit 70db 8x3
R. Raise 20db 10x3
Biceps Hammer 45db 10x3
Stand. Crl 80 10x3
Triceps SCrush 90 8x3
CGB 165 8x3
Quickness workout- Dots 5x15 sec, Jump Rope agility 5x15, star drill

Weds- Legs/Core
Legs Squat 245 5x3
Jump Sq. 95 5x3
Power Clean 170 4x3
Core Weighted Situps 25lbs 5x3 (5 sec up 5 sec down) Plank (side/front) 60 sec each.

Thurs- Off
Fri-Repeat Monday
Sat- Repeat Tues
Monday- Repeat Weds

Thanks again, and any help you guys can give me please let me know.

Do you have any pictures of yourself holding a sneaker?

So you;re going to to use the same weight and same number of sets/reps each time you do a workout? Progressive overload! And just do what the VJB says for your lower body, because what you have there is all over the place.

why would a picture of me holding a sneaker help? and Alex, I know that, that’s why I listed the weights under “current weight” I know to add weights/reps every workout is progressive overload.