2 Years Off. Back at the Bar. BMR Questions

Hi all,

I’m finally back training again after 2 years off… any ways.
spent the past year dieting down from 99kg to 86ish, it’s been simple and slow but easy to maintain.

I’m now training 3 times a week minimum, with more fat loss goals. as its been a while I’m doing 3x8 of just a standard programme, focusing on the compounds, 5-20 minutes of cardio before/after depending on how I’m feeling.

my BMR is around 2k, but I’ve seen that’s without activity, when I put that in it’s nearly 3k. I’m currently eating around 1700 a day, with 1 day a week that I may go up to 2100. my diet is currently 40/20/40, pcf. with the high day being 40% carbs instead of fat. I’ve got a fitbit charge hr, which appears accurate, lazy days come off about 2.1k calorie burn. but some days i’m at 5k with training and work.

only supps I take are CLA/fish oils and the odd pea based protein

the big question… am I eating within a valid window for fat loss or should I change it up a bit, I’ve been going around a week atm. I know I shouldn’t notice any change that fast. I just don’t want to end up 6 weeks down the line with no progress.

Thanks all

I would never eat below your BMR. I would up your activity level instead, focus on frequency (resistance training x5-7 days a week) and intensity (heavy compound lifts) at moderate to low volume (Check out CT’s Athlete Lean Athlete Strong Program on T Nation). 45C/30P/25F % works well with about 2/3 of your carbs before, during, and immediately after your resistance training. Everyone has slightly different carb tolerances but eat as many carbs as you can while still losing weight. Ignore you fitbit it is not very accurate.

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so I just read through How to Stay Strong When Dieting
it mentioned taking body weight and multiplying by 15. is that closer to what my calorie intake should be? I will however definitly take a look at CT’s program

15x your body weight in pounds is a good estimate for maintenance calories for most people. The recommendation is to start at 15x then drop to 14x and monitor weight loss. If you are losing atleast a pound a week stay there until you stall and then go to 13x and so on but never go below BMR.

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Thanks a lot. Knowing how many calories I should be eating has always baffled me. Especially after a friend of mine whos a big guy said he would lose weight eating 3.3k as opposed to the “norm” of 2.5k base