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2 Years of Tryin' Hard


This is 2 years of natural work, from 112 to 170lbs :D! what you think?? No protein shakes or creatine.. just food


More Pics


You were 112 at 5'10, were you starving?

Well congrats and keep it up! Long way to go.


And more lol


and last one


Shit Im sorry guys i didnt know it reposted on the thing 100 times lol. My apologies!!! I just wanted to post a few pictures and it only let me post once.


I think you need a back-shot in there also, people are going to ask for one.



Also, legs are defined but look really weak.. On the 1st pic, it seems like your arm is as big as your leg..


Some call me a psychic, but I personally just think I'm skilled.


The legs are a far away shot and they werent flexed. But heres a back pic. Sorry guys


Another Back Pic


Might wanna try some protein shakes.

Any before pics?


Yeah dude im 170 and weighed 112 before lol.. sorry no before


Nice lat development, what exercises did you do to get that?

Since you seem to care enough to get the necessary pics, I think most people want to see workout schedule and diet/nutrition also. Its not necessary, but its nice to have.



Nice progress dude, keep at it, although i think a few shakes a day wont hurt! Is it me or the light, but in the first pic i swear your left arm is bigger and longer than your right?


Good proportions, nice frame. More mass and you should be good to go.
Keep at it. Good job.

And yes, start with the PWO shakes......


Your progress is good.

Probably could have been a bit better since you were SO underweight to begin with = such hugely fast gains.

Still lacking in mass though.

And whether you were flexing them or not your legs are still really really small.




Thought the all caps was necessary in your case =). Oh, and did I mention you should do some squats? Nice job on the weight gain though.


Only thing i do for my back is weighted pull ups, any other exercise excluding rows are useless.

Weighted pull ups and Rows are the mass builders for the back along with dead lifts, yet doing heavy rows are half a dead lift anyways.