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2 Years of Lifting

Hello, I am writing this post to show my changes and be able to receive some criticism / opinions about my body and lifts.
I am 19 years old, I measure 1.73cm and I started training in July 2017, at that time I weighed around 65kg(143lbs). This was my body barely started.

Just in the middle of last year I started to train strength and that’s when I saw results, with a dirty bulk.

Currently I must be weighing 76-78kg (167lbs-171lbs). And I am running the nsuns program since 2 months ago
I leave some actual photos.

What percentage of bodyfat do you think I have?

My lifts are
Squat: 120kg x7 (264lbs) i think my 1rm is 145kg

Bench: 75kg x5 (165lbs) ≈ 85kgish

Deadlift: 147.5kg x4 (325lbs) ≈ 165-170kg

Ohp: 47.5kg x4 (104lbs)

Thank you for taking the time to read

BF is useless. But for the sake of giving you something to sleep at night… 20-25%… 23ish.

You’ve got some fucking wheels, so plus 1 for that.

Squat isnt bad.

Poverty bench for sure. Which you look fairly developed, so if you really focus on strength that shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

Overhead press, while roughly proportionate to your bench, is pretty poor. (Mine is too, I’m not talking shit, just noting what I see)

Deadlift isnt bad.

Impressive progress none the less. Keep at it.

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A lot I do not worry about body fat, but at some point I want to lean more. What do you mean with wheels? I am not a native speaker of English.
On the bench I could blame it on my Slenderman arms, but it is a reality I have to improve my strength in bp.
Keep pushing, and thanks for comment!

No problem man. “Wheels” just means legs.

Other than that, you’re in solid shape, just keep grinding out the lifts and you’ll get up there. dont be afraid of heavy weight, just listen to your body and you’ll grow.

I think they are my strong point :grin:, I am happy to read that. Patience and heavy weights Thanks for the support