~2 Years In on TRT - Feeling Tired all the Time

Thx… I was feeling better last July (2021) when my Estradiol was 129. And for some reason it increased and I started feeling lethargic in August and really started noticing through October pretty much up until now. Yes the ageing I get and I’m probably training a little too hard so I’m going to pull back there as well. I’m really thinking about lowering dosage at this point based on most of the replies… I’m just not sure where I should start with that ie. dropping 0.10 per week or 0.05 per week. I guess I’ll probably start at the lower end and drop 0.05 / wk, wait 6 weeks and evaluate again.

Close enough. Yes.

Here you go, hope this helps you understand dose response (weekly dosage vs serum levels):



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I lowered my dose, then skipped a dose, and have not stuck to a proper protocol at all recently. I injected 40mg last night, will probably wait 4 days before injecting another 50-60mg. Going to try to get back to 50mg twice a week.

Pretty amazing, I wonder if there are studies breaking down the change in TT given 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, etc of sleep. Or charting the decrease during wakefulness by the hour. Even tho that’s useless to me now on TRT, I still think it would be interesting

Thank you for sharing this. Some really good data points there. I’m not sure what the lines represent though - is this a constant upward trend in Free T or serum T (I’m not sure what the latter is)?

Is it possible that when you’ve been on TRT for a length of time, let’s call it ~2 years, same dosage / protocol, that one’s Total T or Free T can become elevated and unstable? Same question for E2 / Estradiol / Estrogen.

I understand that Hematocrit and SHGB can be impacted by longer term usage (someone correct me if I’m wrong) but I always thought that Total T, Free T (not sure if this is relevant), and Estradiol should stay approx. the same unless you change your dosage / protocol.

thank you for your help,

I would say no. SHBG can change, and that would affect TT/FT/e2, but your numbers shoudn’t just jump around if dose and method are the same