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2 Years Hardcore Training


All natural physique with using good diet.

I eat -


Indian flatbread (paratha) with curried chickpeas
whey protein in skim milk


sometime paneer (cheese) and spinach curry with nan
or masala maggi noodle when doing work

after gym



daal or khandvi with chilli and mango chutney
protein in skim milk

before sleeping

glass of wine or protein bar

I need to find if doing right work in gym or my body is not ok. Thank you


Why do you keep trolling?

You are natural? No way you have those 13 inch gunz without steroids, stop lying!

P.S. "glass of wine or protein bar" made me LOL hard.

Good diet? No.


diet needs about 240 grams more protein

other than that..everything still looks like shit.

do you even lift?


sorry dawg, i dont care how hard u "worked" ur ass off in the last 2 years, cuz if aint eating those steak u aint gonna grow. there's a reason why ur country has 1 billion anorexic bitches working for customer service


did you guys ever realize that this guy might be a vegetarian?


glass of wine OR protein bar... y'know, whatever fits the bill...

But in all seriousness, there is nowhere NEAR enough carrots/carrot juice in your diet.

Edit: ninja'd. Didn't catch the end of Way's post.


Yah, you need more carrots in your diet!


Fuck that is harsh.

It's one of those jokes I hated myself for laughing at.

But laugh I did. In fact I laughed so hard I think about 30ml of wee leaked out.


if he was a true vegan he would have tons more beans, quinoa, and variety of vegetables in his diet.

this guy is just eating your standard indian cuisine. oh and btw, i took an osteology class and we had to identify skeletons base on their traits. all of the skeletons came from india and people were constantly misdiagnosing them as petite women or little boys. They were all men. Despite being the largest democratic nation and making huge strides every year, India still has a very large amount of poverty, and it's cuisine reflects that, squeezing the most out of meats when possible. This = low protein diet = small people. how many guys who grew up in india have large frames? all of the ones I knew in university from east asia had tiny bone structures.

OP. you need to stop eating what you are used to and start eating what is optimal. Indian dishes actually aren't that healthy. they are low protein and high sodium, not even that dense in vegetables.


Indian food is the most unhealthiest food there is. Full of crap and very little or no nutrients.



Thats such bullshit! not all indians are small and weak. There ar emany different ethnicities in india. The ones in the north are generall bigger.

Like the guy in this pic. Also have you never heard of the great khali? gamma etc?

I'm living proof that you're all wrong. I mean look at me man, i'm jacked!

And as for the diet, indian food can be very healthy if you make a view changes like cooking curries with coconut oil instead of vegetables. Using wholemal flour for bread and increasing lentil and beans quantities in curry while reducing water content. And homemade curries can actually contain a lot of veggies.

But most westerners don't know that cause you're used to seeing the pakistani curries in restaurants that are just full of meat and nothing else.


Stop eating indian food for bulking... Im indian and dont eat that shit it just makes u fat full of White rice and small amounts of vege's all fried in fucken oil. Srsly look at all your elders. Either A) Skinny as twig or B)have big gut.


Not necessary true. I am not not Indian but Sri Lankan. Food is quite similar. Just Less oils. Adjust a little bit and you have no problem gaining weight/muscle on a South East Asian Diet.


My dog groomer was shaving alibabba's mom's back last night and she told me that he likes carrots in the pooper. idk??


this is a Rate My Physique Forum.
Post more pictures.


I like the tiling in your bathroom solid 8.


What is this thread even about?


The great gama ate a TON of meat and drank a lot of milk. The great khali eats your average cow (or two) as soon as he wakes up.

You've attached a doctored photo of Amir khan (sp?) from the bollywood rip-off of "Memento" where he has placed his arms far ahead of his body in impeccable lighting. The photo I have attached is what this jackass (said actor whose "specially doctored" photo you attached) REALLY looks like lol. Interesting aside: he is reportedly no more than 5'4" tall......imagine how BIG he is lol.

And while not every indian may be small/weak...YOU, young lentil-lover, are small and (possibly) weak.


Rate my Indian food!



OT, the dude whose pics were uploaded in this thread (besides the OP's): he's apparently the reason these losers have been infiltrating BB forums the last few months.