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2 Years Away from the Gym

I havent worked out in a little over 2 years. I had started the Indigo workouts, (first month in) when life caused me to stop working out. I am so out of conditioning. Gained over 35 pounds of fat well probably more since I am 35 pounds heavier than I was at the time…

What I the best workout for me to start in again so I can get back into raining my Indigo workouts or others on this site? Same with supplementation and diet, seems a lot has changed regarding protocols, some aren’t here any longer some still are. ANd are bottles of Indigo still good after 2 years? have to have wasted them.

I am looking at a gym that has kettlebells as well as prowler systems, something my old gym didn’t have. where could I have been today had I not stopped haunts me now…

The image attached is what I looked like when I stopped. I don’t have a current one but I look fat and aweful!

You likely know more than me. I will only say i started over 50 and progressed so just be smart avoid injuries and i wish you All the Bests !
In case it needs to be said prepare your food. Eat real foods and the excess will be flushed away. Some call that fat. I call that garbage. Your body is designed to flush garbage out daily but when there is an overload in the garbage situation it accumulates.

It is that simple. No need to count or even mention the C word.