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2 Year Test Cyp Blast/Cruise PCT?

Hey guys just looking for some feedback from those who really know their shit. I’ve been on test cyp for 2 years and I’m looking at enlisting in the army here soon and want to get my natural test levels as back to normal as I can before I do that. Through out the entire 2 years I blasted 600mgs for 12 weeks and cruised on 300mgs for 6 weeks before I went back to blasting. I never went over 600mgs. What would you recommend my best pct for this be? I don’t feel like I really over did it at all being I’ve read on here and other forums how some guys are on a lot more than just test and at a lot higher doses and take a strong enough pct and recover fairly well. I still plan to do a lot of research on the matter regardless but I want to get answers from you guys since you’ve taken pct’s first hand and a lot of you really really know your shit.

Go over to the TRT forum and click on the top sticky. In there you will find the HPTA restart protocol. It may work, it may not. Best of luck.

300mg/wk is not a cruise dose, just so you know. That’s a blast, albeit a mini one.