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2 Year Progress


It's been almost two years since I started lifting and wanted to thank everyone on this site for all the help they have been. I love the sport and plan on being a life long lifter, although I am taking an absence while I run my last 2 years of college.

This site has been an awesome resource. The few times I asked a question I received quick and detailed responses from knowledgeable people. The daily articles and forum reading have contributed a lot to my understanding of lifting. I figure everyone likes knowing that their advice was taken and that it made a difference.

In terms of raw numbers I started at 150 pounds and I ended up weighing 175 pounds at a fairly low bf (Decently defined abs).
Bench 150 before 280 After
Squat 185 before 275 After
Deadlift 200 before 435 After
Chins 33 unweighted 180x1, 46 unweighted after
Overhead press (no before) 185x1 after

Hopefully gaining it back will be easier the second time around (I have heard the idea thrown around that it is), but if not I guess I get to experience linear gains twice. Once again, thanks everyone, the wealth of information you make available is awesome. I'll be back in 2 years to annoy you all with silly questions.


Why are you taking 2 years off to finish college?


yea seriously, what's that all about?


I am running track and cross country. I didn't run my first two years because of a knee injury which is why I got into lifting. There will obviously be some sport-specific lifting during certain parts of the year, but in the context of run faster and stay healthy instead of putting on "unwanted" muscle.


have fun running


Thanks. Ill try haha