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2 x Week Training

Due to a busy work/study/exams schdule I will only be able to train 2 times a week for the next 2 months.

Which training method would suit me best?
Workout 1: - Upper Body
Workout2: - Lower Body

Or should I use total body workouts?

If I were to use Total Body workouts should I cycle the rep ranges?

e.g. In the first week:
Workout 1:- 3x5
Workout 2:- 3x8

Week 2
Workout 1: 3x5
Workout 2: 3x15

Week 3
Workout 1: 3x8
Workout 2: 3x15

I’d be interested to hear from anyone else who only works out twice a week



I workout twice a week using full body workouts. A lot of people get nervous about full sessions, because they sort of mentally add up all of their bodypart workouts together and think that is what they have to do. Not necessarily the case. What I have found is you train the whole body in each session, but different area different degrees of emphasis. I use what I call the reverse push-pull routine with the following template:

A. Weekend Push-Pull

Push Legs ( Quads), Chest, Shoulder Triceps-compound movements, straight sets–think “strength training” Incline Press, Overhead Press, NG press, Full Squats, Front Squats, Dips


Back, Biceps, Hamstrings- more isolation type movements, “think bodybuilding”


(do just the opposite)


Back, Biceps, Hams, Compound Moves
Barbell Rows, Deadlifts, Cleans, Shrugs,


Pull- Isolation or BB type moves

The first part of the session tends to be harder as compound movements tend to be, then followed by somewhat easier isolation moves

Normally about 12-15 total sets per session, sometimes more, not counting abs and calves.

I also do 2 conditioning sessions per week, normally the day after lifting

hope that helps


I’ve spent quite a bit of time training only twice per week. My favorite program so far:

Day 1
1 hip dominant movement - eg, deadlifts
1 vertical push - eg, military press
1 vertical pull - eg, chin-ups

Day 2
1 quad dominant - eg, squat
1 horizontal push - eg, bench press
1 horizontal pull - eg, barbell row

I mixed up the sets/reps every few weeks. This works particulary well with the scheme in the Waterbury Method, ie, 10x3 for the first movement, 4x6 for the second and third.

I agree with Bino.

I’ve used the same idea with only one modification, I added prehab type exercises at the end of the workout. Stuff like shoulder rotations and others found in the Neanderthal No More series. In three months I varied the load quite a bit and made decent gains on everything.


I agree with bino as well, except I might mix horizontal pushes with vertical pulls and vice versa.

add a crunch type one day and an oblique move on the other.

Both Ian King and Christian Thibaudeau have programs for lifters that can only workout twice a week… you might want to check those out if you haven’t already.


Just wondering how many exercises you would do for each workout. I am thinking of switching to a 2 day a week program and doing a lot of conditioning. I like the sound of your workout template. Any more details? Hope I’m not hijacking, I assume the original poster would like to know as well. Thanks.

Go do TBT or the Waterbury method or any other 3 day a week, but stretch it out so that you do

week 1 A,B
week 2 C,A
week 3 B,C