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2 wk Cycle: Npp, Test Prop and Dbol


hiya was thinking about a 2 week cycle
day 1- 10 alpha pharma test prop 1 ml and alpha pharma NPP 1ml
day 1 - 14 dbol @ 80 mg per day split through the day
then take four weeks off before I even think about doing it again
maybe do some clomid in between if need be

I weight 80 kg 6 ft 2 lanky streak of piss age 24 suffer from mpb but thats it haha didnt even get a twitch off dbol and test e cycle wityh no anti es
have done a cycle of 12 week test e @ 500 mg per week with dbol @ 40 mg per day for the first four weeks followed by 20 days clomid pct @ 25 mgs per day (half a tab)
i also frontloaded that cycle for the first week @ 1g of test e

would u advise anti estrogen for these 2 weekers im thinking of getting some letro or tamoxifen do you think letro would be over kill for this cycle ?
have u had or know anyone with expierience of these cycles ?

thanks for your time n replys
any thought or advise would be much appreciated




Eat more and work on your training. 80kg 6'2" and already ran test/dbol something aint right.


x2 ^^



from what i've read about guys that like short cycles, they have their training and nutrition ironed tight. and the gains are going to be much less significant, due to the shorter time "on".....


2 week cycle is worthless unless you are doing blast and cruise.
Besides if you are 80kg at 6,2 then you should focus on getting strong in the big 3 lifts and eat well. You wont be able to maintain anything you gained from the cycle.


2 weeks is not enough time. I say run it for 8-10 weeks dropping dbol at week 4.


this is what i did for my deadlift
20 x bar
20 x 50
10 x 80
10 x 100
130 x 20 reps all singles with 30 seconds in between is that strong enough man ? im trying to get my one rep max from 170 kg to 200

i maintained everything from a previos 12 weeker except 5 pounds which i have gained back since i came off ? so u would spread it to 8 weeks would that be at the same dose ? because thats a hell load of gear 2 ml ed (8 x 7 = 56 x 2 = 112 ml of gear i will feel like a junkie ill be pinning that much

hahah thanks for your response Rapacious


hiya would u run that @ the same dose 100 mg of test prop ed and 100 mg npp just wondering as thats a shed load of gear i did reply to you in a previous reply but i do not know how to add several quotes

thankyou for your response bigb4015


i think you just identified the training issue here...

you don't need gear, you need to train in a manner consistent with your goals.

if you wanna increase maximal strength, then you need to allow for maximal recovery, not 30 sec rest periods between singles (density training?).

i think Reed can help you out here quite a bit, as he's a comp PL'er....


You're pretty weak... those number are awful.


there honest at least that's over twice my bodyweight i know pl that could help me but that is not my aim mainly i want size i train using time under tension dropsets supersets of opposite body parts im completely natural arm so recovery is shit and allthough i may not be as strong as you that will come with time bare in mind ive just added deadlifts again as i dropped it so i could squat twice a week im only training 2 3 times a week i train when im recovered hitting all muscles with deads squats rows bench and press i normally aim for 15 reps 4 sets with warm up sets 2 mins rest between sets last set i max reps resting for 15 seconds i don't mess we isolation moves unless im on gear or i fancy it but its not part of the script if ya get me i know plenty of lads bigger then me that are knowere near as strong but hey they are juiced up to there eyeballs im not interested in being a roid abuser just a roid user there's noute more sad then a guy what bridges because he bridges and he will not come off anyways in ranting what you suggest to get lifting weights at what u lift and above :wink: ?


follow an established program like 5/3/1. It's very simple, based around heavy compound movements. I think the program is a solid mix of strength-based training and size-based training. Most of the working sets are low reps, but for assistance work, it goes into higher rep schemes. I think this would be a better approach than what you're doing now.


If you start now, with your bodyweight, your shitty strength levels and your complete lack of training knowledge, you will become a "roid abuser"(your own words). This is guaranteed.


that's similar to what a normally do the 30 seconds thing was just last week thanks flip coller mmmm and roid abusers i know plenty of them and none eat or train hard so i can see how u think i will walk that line aswell but i was going to take bill Roberts aproach to cycling with more rest in between 6 weeks off 2 on i care about my health to much too be doing over a gram week in week out that is what i class as abuse not having a break and staying on is abuse do you not agree ? I can see why people don't come off losing strengh becoming depressed cant train as much lose size the comments you've lost size pal etc haha


complete lack of knowledge how would u know that ? My paps been lifting since u was in nappys that was a complete stab in the dark if i knew nothing about training id still be doing bench supersetted with arms and nit training me legs god everyone is a personal trainer these days


You weigh 80kg(175lbs) at 6'2 even after a previous 12 week cycle.

What else do i need to say? Lol.


............. I am going to try and stay relatively civil while still bashing you pretty hard but, you need to hear this whether you want to or not.

  1. Why the hell are you using steroids in the first place? These are your words "i maintained everything from a previos 12 weeker except 5 pounds which i have gained back since i came off"... So you mean to tell me that at over 6 foot tall and after already one 12 week cycle of AAS you ONLY weigh 165lbs. You do not and I mean in every single way possible you DO NOT need AAS of any kind at any dose at this point. You need to learn how to eat.

Please do not waste my time telling me you eat so much it is stupid. I do not care if you eat 6000 calories aday ( obviously being sarcastic as I know you don't ) you need even more. Period. Your body weight and lifts combined with a with a previous cycle tell me that you obviously have no clue about how to eat or are just plain lazy and or you just choose not to do what you should.

  1. Your proposed cycle is garbage period flat. Once again you do not need to be running gear at all right now but, if your not going to listen to that atleast run a well planned and thought out cycle. That way your gains will atleast be pathetic as opposed to non exsistant.

  2. You need to figure out exactly what your goals are in general. The program preview you displayed for your deadlift is pretty weird and obviously not all that effective. If you want to be a body builder then train like a body builder. If you wanna be a powerlifter then train like a powerlifter but hat your doing right now is pretty damn ineffective for both.

If you want to be bigger than listen to the guys you say you know who are bigger than you. Who cares if they are juiced up to their eye balls I believe is what you said. You are already using steroids so just becuase they are using more than you does not make you any better than them. The second you pinned your first shot you immediately fell or risen to their same level of morals how ever you prefer to look at it.

Also, you said they are bigger than you but you are stronger than them ( which is pretty sad on both your parts ) how ever, you clearly said your goal is size.... so why the hell does it matter if you are stronger than them if they are larger... Obviously they have something figured out that you clearly do not. Proof being that you are using steroids and are already on your second cycle and you look less impressive and perform less impressive than many kids in high school at your same level of development.... oh and they are nartural.

  1. I would like to point out that one of the guys you are arguing with Flipcollar is much stronger and much better developed than you oh and here is the kicker he is NATURAL. I have talked to him extensively about this in other settings so maybe JUST MAYBE you might wanna hear him out.

  2. I agree with Dt79 that if you continue at this point you will most likely become a steroid abuser rather than a rec user mind you there is a very thin line between the two.

  3. Lastly due to 1-5 stop giving advice to any one in this section.

Excuse any errors I am using a voice text while driving.


Your about to enter a place in this forum you do not want to go into if you want to get anything other than flamed until you disappear. You have no clue what you are doing fucking period flat. I do not care wwhat your father did or can do... you are not him.


lol @ "my paps been lifting since you were in nappies"!

My dad was an engineer on aeroplanes. Sure as hell wouldn't trust ME to fix a problem on a flight!


in answer to no1 . i am gaining weight so im doing something right ? plus if you cant get simple math correct then wtf 80 kg is 176 pounds :wink: not that matters im not here to put people down on how big they are or what theyve acheived or how they got there i dint care there not me
2. my proposed cycle may be garbage for what u want to achieve or for your own personal use that is what you prefer ? but me on the other hand have no intrest in long cycles of aas? do you or have u expierenced two week cycles ? ur making a sorry statement that i will not gain on this 2 weeker but facts are i will i think you have poor judgement of my character and my knowledge on these cycles if i havnt studied enough i would never of stumbled upon german cycling of steroids etc so please leave your 15 weeks minunum trash cycles what leave man with no testicles or hair at home :smiley:
i would like to point out that in no way was i saying he hasnt earned what he has and if he is natural thats some fine acheivemenet he is going to be stronger and more muscular he has been lifting longer with respect to flipcoller i dont want to train natural and that up to me i dont want to be waiting round years and years ... so yet again that was quite an ignorant comparison
i will give advice here i am a world of knowledge on aas use ur acting like ive just joined here and i only knew or studied about steroids a week ago basically judging me i asked for opinions on this coarse preferbly from people who have tried a 2 weeker sorry but if ya cant gain in 2 weeks then u cant gain in 10 simple as im gaining weight im on the way what else matters jjust because u may not agree with my advice does not mean it is incorrect or invalid thanks for your reply but id rather not bitch like little women ona thread thanks ps dont textspeek whilst driving i will update you how my gains go regardless :smiley: