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2 winstrol Qs

Q1. Has anyone ever heard of winstrol in 20mg tablets? I found a source that sells 20mg winstrol tabs - 20 in a foil for an incredibly low price. The source has a very good rep, but I’ve never seen these before. I’ve seen 2mg and 5mg, but never 20mg. This would making dosing so easy (1/2 tab 5x/day) and it’s cheap!

Q2: Bill Roberts stated in a previous message that he thought oral winstrol was no more liver toxic than IM. I'm surprised to hear this, and have to admit to being a little skeptical. Bill, if you are out there, can you please confirm that I understand you correctly. And, is this just your personal observation/opinion, or do you have some more substantial evidence to back it up? Thanks.

Cause if this is truly the case, then I'll just do the oral because it is easier and way cheaper (see above). But if the IM is going to be easier on the liver, then I would prefer to do that, despite the higher cost and greater pain in the ass (pun intended).

I don’t have lab tests to back it up but
it is the same 17-alkylated steroid either
way, and the liver still has to metabolize
it either way. It’s not “being oral” that
makes an oral steroid typically toxic –
if it were, Primobolan oral and Proviron
would be liver toxic but they are not –
it’s being 17-alkylated.

Also Winstrol is shown in at least one scientific study to be liver toxic in vitro
simply from being present in the serum, not
from oral use, which simply makes sense.
If it has to metabolize the steroid, it has
to metabolize it… and the liver is going
to metabolize every milligram that enters
the blood, sooner or later.

Bill: thanks so much. I greatly appreciate all
the info you’ve provided in this forum.