2 Weeks To Build For Football

I play football 3-4 times a week in a highly competive league, and have come to a 2 week bye. I can finally do some serious Olympic lifts because I can actually rest. I could not do these during most in-season weeks because of the pain that insued. Now that I’m off, I was wondering what a good 2 week program of deads/Olympic lifts would be, in order to temporarily replace my already rather intense workout. Please post your ideas on workouts here. Thanx

Also if possible, I would like to include CT’s new arm workout in the tips section, only I will continue it past the 2 weeks. thanx.


Rest, rest and more rest, dude take it easy for the next two weeks. Put your training in maintenance and pre-hab any problem areas. Hope that helps!

With a short two-week break, you’re best to focus on regeneration. In-season is not the best time to start new work although you may use this time to slightly augment your workouts. When you mentioned “pain” - what precisely are you referring to. Do you mean fatique or actual pain from injury?

In faith,

Coach Davies

i mean the pain that you have after a hard leg press or squat session. Burn, not injury.

I want to powerlift and use the more complex and taxing movements and excercises during this period where i can push my body to its limits and not have to worry about practice the next day.