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2 Weeks Since Last Injection, Feeling Great. Change Protocol?

Gone on vacation and forgot to bring it with me.
Been on 200mg a week for 2 1/2 years. Everything has been ok, I dont normally have the real noticeable increase in energy, increase in strength or high libido that many have…until now. Wow. Whats the deal? Been 15 days since the last 200mg injection and libido is through the roof, waking up with an erection, and an increase in overall energy and a great mood.

Think maybe I should back off on the amount every week, or go to every 2 week injections?

For some reason, this happens to many men on TRT.

They report that going off TRT they feel better… initially and it’s short lived.

If you look at the normal clearance of the test, you’ve had 400mg in your system weekly for years. 1 week after your last shot it’s 200mg, 2 weeks later it’s 100mg. So you’re feeling good now, could mean 200mg is too high of a dose. Try 100mg weekly & see?

What was your estrogen during all this? Were you taking an AI with 200mg? I bet it was your estrogen rebalancing …