2 Weeks Out Programming Help

So basically I’m 2 weeks out of competing in deadlift only (strained my pec about 2 months ago and I’m just now back into benching and had another injury that stopped me from squatting for a long time). Because of those tweaks and injuries I’ve basically deadlifted for 7 weeks straight on ME day (which I didn’t realize was that long until just now). I did 5 RM for 3 weeks, a 4 RM, a 3 RM, and 2 2 RM weeks. DE days were of course the other lower days of the week. Basically, I’m an idiot and didnt’ take a deload. I had basically 2 weeks off before that 7 weeks and was ready to hit it hard and I guess lost track of time for how long it has been since a deload.

So all that is to say that I had an awful workout today. My 1RM 4 months ago was 500. My 3 RM 3 weeks ago was 470. 455 felt like 550 today and 470 made it 2 inches off the floor before I just dropped it (with ammonia which I never use except for competition but today I felt I needed it). My back felt awful so ammonia did nothing and I’m learning I don’t do good working out less than 2 hours after I wake up.

This isn’t all to complain and wine and moan but just to say I had a terrible workout today, I’m 2 weeks out, and I’m not sure what to program next. I had planned to pull close to a max today with a drop set of triples for speed at 70-75%. I then planned to pull 470 (what I can triple) for singles next saturday with the competition being the saturday after that. Now I’m thinking I may need to take these next 2 weeks and deload but 2 weeks of deload is a lot for me and I don’t typically respond that well to that much rest. Anybody have suggestions on what to do? I’m thinking 50% speed pulls with light front squats and goodmornings thrown in for my next workout then pull 470 for 3 singles next monday with the competition being that saturday. Is that too close for 95% singles? Any suggestions? Should I cut down on upper volume or intensity or both? Thanks for the help.

Also, I had a big time press PR 2 days ago so I don’t think I’m worn down too bad to needing a major deload, maybe just need a small deload or just had an off day.

Since no one has replied, I guess I’ll reply but I wouldn’t really class my advice as counting for shit. Granted I try to read a lot, I still know fuck all.

However, I did have a similar thing once, my deadlift went down the crapper a couple weeks before a friendly competition. One week I did 222.5kg for 5 reps, the next week I couldn’t budge 200kg. I heard that one of the best ways to increase your deadlift is to not deadlift. I figured I was exhausted from it I might aswell do it. A few weeks later I pulled 240kg quite nicely. So based on my experience, stop deadlifting until the competition!

5/3/1, always the answer

It sounds like you came into this competition without a plan and it backfired. You pulled heavy 7 weeks in a row. From your language it seems like you’re trying to follow the Conjugate system but in reality you forced your body into one of the things the Conjugate system attempts to avoid – adaptation. After 3 weeks your body adapts to a movement and generally performance is decreased. I don’t mean to beat you up over this, I just wanted to point out your mistake (in my opinion).

I would probably work in a heavy-ish good morning or box squat on your next ME day. I would NOT deadlift heavy anymore until the meet. I would do some speed pulls about a week out, then 4-5 days out I would do some light lower body accessory movements. You’re only 2 weeks out, you’re not going to get much stronger between now and then.

In terms of your upper body stuff, I just wouldn’t do anything heavy the week before the meet. I always take the last 3-4 days before the meet completely off.

Yeah, I actually had an entire summer training cycle and everything planned out then I strained a pec and had some hip issues and basically my plan went completely out of the window as I had to change everything. I had to start out with light 5x5 for deadlifts and work things back in so yeah, it’s all on me, just need to figure out where to go from here. Although, my press is finally taking off and had another big PR (reps today) so I’m definitely not overtrained but now I’m thinking I just had an off day and my back just wasn’t feeling it. So no singles at my opening weight before the meet? I plan to pull light speed pulls twice more, in 2 days, and again next week along with accessory stuff. I still feel like I need to practice the lift a little more. Some of the 7 week PRs got a little messy just pulling with all I had

Just rest more… if you do what you said; You will do too more and be one of the guys " im better at the gym than platform, sucker"

I think you should actually be fine. I usually take 14-21 days off of heavy deads before a meet so I would essentially not pull, at least not heavy, until then. Trust that your lifts have gone up (although don’t be stupid with your number selection). You can do easier lower back work if you want although I would not do something new, only assistance you had been doing. If you are dying to pull then DL 60-70% of your 1RM for 5 sets of 2 as speed work; some easy jumping might also help prime the nervous system.

Personally I would open with something like 450-460, assuming that feels good then go 505 to set a PR and hopefully you can hit 520 or something in the meet on your third. A lot of it depends on your goals and attitude going in, but if you hit 470x3 and then missed it completely that is just fatigue and that will go away with rest.

Good luck with your meet.

Thanks Tim. I enjoy your articles. I actually worked up a little bit today because I felt really good and my confidence was slightly down from last workout. I pulled what I planned to pull this coming Saturday (before the last fiasco) which was 475 for 3 singles. All 3 went fast and there wasn’t any straining. If it hinders my recovery some, I’ll take it, because it gave me all of my confidence back. Now I’m just going to hit maybe one more speed workout with some GM and F squats thrown in on Saturday. Maybe some light to moderate olympic lifts up to that wednesday (I tend to be back dominant so OLY lifts actually helped me feel much more explosive with my quads and not letting my hips shoot up. I did them for a deload week before I pulled 500). But yeah my plan is to open with 470, then 505, then 520-530. 530 was my goal for this meet before I dealt with getting hurt. We’ll see what happens. Thanks for the comments

Resting for two weeks does not mean do nothing. Do lots of little exercises to keep the blood flowing and get your head straight. I deload for at least two weeks before a meet sometimes even three, depending on certain variables. In the past I would just take time off and feel like crap. Now I keep busy with training I know will not cause any strain or injury. CNS can take quite a while to recover from max work.

You have done a lot of work, trust in that. Take is easy and keep your eye on the prize. Best of luck.