2 weeks or 4?

I just bought two bottles of your mag 10, my buddy at the gym tried it and he said it was awesome! Im totally phsyced but I dont know, for gaining as much muscle as possible should I take two servings a day for 2 weeks?? or 1 a day for 4 weeks??? And would taking creatine with it magnify results??? Please help me out guys.

The great majority of individuals would
make more gains with four weeks of 1 dose
per day use than with two weeks at 2 doses
per day.

But if you go the four week route, it
really would be advisable to use either
Clomid (300 mg on first day as six doses
of 50 mg, and then 50 mg/day) or Tribex +
Vitex (400 mg/day) or Tribex + M for
at least four weeks after the cycle, to
give rapid recovery of natural testosterone.
Actually that’s a good idea with the 2 week
cycle as well, but, with the shorter cycle
you can also not do that and still have good