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2 Weeks on TRT Opinions on My Numbers?

I am new to TRT replacement, below are my numbers; (35 yr old male)

TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, MS 286 250-1,100 (ng/dL)
TESTOSTERONE, FREE 51.8 35.0-155.0 (pg/mL)
PROLACTIN 10.2 2.0-18.0 (ng/mL)
TRIGLYCERIDES 60 20-150 (mg/dL)
CREATININE 1.3 0.6-1.3 (mg/dL)

Many other areas were checked, but I thought the above were the important ones. Doc prescribed 100mg every TWO weeks.

Any thoughts? I am in my second week of this protocol, doc does not want a follow up until JULY.

Hate to say it man, but I would bet your levels are going to be worse off before your next injection. A lot of guys are on a higher dosage weekly then you are bi-weekly. I would find a new doc if I was you as I believe your going to not feel any better, if not worse as time goes on. You may feel slightly better for the first couple weeks but once your natural production shuts down I foresee it going down hill for you.

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100mg every two weeks is more like punishment than treatment. A July follow-up is unreasonable as well.

Second. It’ll take forever to get this one to move to at least 150mg every week, if he would even consider it.

I wouldn’t even continue this protocol. Keep your natural production while you look for a new doctor. Most guys I know are starting with 150-200mg / week. That low dose over 2 weeks will be a disaster.

Here is a graph that plots the large swings you will experience at the dosage and frequency you are being prescribed

Sorry bro your doc is operating in the dark for the fact he isn’t even following guidelines (200mg every 2 weeks) which are outdated. If you look at the study below you’ll see the majority of patients 14 days after administration and right back to pre-TRT numbers with days to go before their next scheduled injection and this is known as the hormonal roller coaster.

Your prescribed dosage will not be enough T to see your levels in the therapeutic ranges for more than a few days and therefore recovery isn’t possible, you’re basically on 50mg per week which isn’t enough T to show good results. We have a lot of members on different protocols, some only need to inject weekly, others twice weekly and some multiple times per week to manipulate hormonal swings and reduce side effects.

Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of testosterone enanthate in patients with hypogonadism

In fact, the present study confirmed serum levels of T which were lower than pre-ART value levels on day 14 after administration. Therefore the further decrease in serum T levels on day 14 after administration is considered to relapse of hypogonadal symptoms and to reduce the patients quality of life.