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2 Weeks on HIT


Will post some pics shortly, unfortunatly I dont have very good ones, but they'll give you an idea.

Been training on and off for 7 years, not consistantly at all.

Just started a HIT program after reading Dr. Dardens book.

Gone from 161lbs to 170lbs in 2 weeks, picked up 3/4" on my arms. I am pretty stoked, It would normally take me nearly 2 months to gain that with my more traditional training I had been doing before.

Sticking with it 6 weeks, then going to do some speicalized training and then go back to HIT again.

6'1" /26/ 5% BF/


sick gains, I'm really excited to start doing hit myself. I just bought his book "the new bodybuilding" is that the one you got or the new hit?


Eh, your either on some serious gear, or you actually started eating and drinking water. I'm not buying 9lbs of muscle in 2weeks.


Likely. I have both of Darden's new HIT books and he advocates "superhydration": drink 1-2 gallons of water daily. 1 gallon of water is around 8 lbs. You also said in your original post that you don't work out constantly for more than a few months, so it sounds like your body is just responding to actually being on a stable training program/routine.

Sky, I tried bulking and HIT earlier this year. I didn't keep careful records so I'm dieting down now to see if I actually gained muscle mass, but I feel like I gained more fat than muscle. I think it is because I was always either sore or injured and couldn't train more than twice a week. I notice that if a body trains less frequently, it is more prone to collecting fat while on a bulk.

So if you are the kind of person who learns from others' mistakes:

-Go ahead and train even if you're still sore, just use lighter weight and go NTF or even below that. Forget Darden/Jone's advice. Of course if you're injured you're better off stopping.

-Clean bulk.

-Be sure you're not taking too long between sets. Keep a watch with a second hand on you if needed.

-Keep a food log. FitDay is helping me big time in my fat loss so I plan to clean bulk and on a split routine to gain size again, the better way.

HIT is a great program for fat loss or physique maintenance. Most of the bodybuilders in the Darden books that you read about did NOT use HIT to bulk or achieve their initial size, but they used HIT to refine their physique for contests.


Dude, I mean no offense, but at 5% bodyfat at 6'1, 170pnds, I would be very surprised if you couldn't put on that much or more, your body is obviously starving for food and stimulation.

This is not a good ad for HIT, it's a good ad for regular training. I'm sure you're still eating like a gerbil too so imagine what will happen when you get that in check?


The first time I tried Mike Mentzer's routine I made very good gains. After a while the size gains stopped but I did continue to get stronger for a while.

I think much of HIT's success is due to people finally recovering from their volume routines. The few times I have used it was always after a much needed break.

I think it has it's place, but I don't think it should be used year in and year out. I suppose it could be considered a good form of detraining.