2 Weeks on Clen, 5 Days on Stanozolol. Should I Stop or Finish the Balance?

Some of us led to the wrong direction, and unfortunately I’m one of them. Currently 2nd week on Clen and 5th days on Stanozolol only with intention of boosting up fat loss. Cycle was recommended by a gym bud on gear and I should’ve done my homework first. So before you guys flame me, I admit this is my own mistake and should’ve stay natty and disciplined.

Anyway, my current cycle:
1st week: Clen 40mcg /day
2nd week: Clen 40mcg/ day, Stanozolol 50mg/ day (5 days)

So here are my questions:

  1. Is Clen 80mcg ED 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off enough or waste of time? Or stick with 120mcg ED 2 weeks on/ off?
  2. Does 5 days on Stano will affect my testosterone and liver health? Do I need PCT and liver tonic at this stage? My cholesterol level is normal.
  3. Should I finish the remaining 25 days of Stanozolol 50mg ED? If yes, do I need to take milk thistle and run PCT? Because recommended cycle is 6 to 8 weeks while mine should be less than 3 weeks.

Or should I just give the remaining balance to some gym buddy. Would be a waste if I just throw it away. Have no intention of continue another cycle of same/ different drug after this.

Thank you.

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You should kick your gym buddy square in the nuts for his ‘help’.

Clen @ 80mcg ED is fine provided you can tolerate the effects it has on your body…if not then a smaller dose will work too. There’s a point of diminishing returns at higher doses as most folks don’t enjoy the tweaker feeling that comes with higher doses. As long as you’re still losing weight at whatever dose you choose I see no reason in increasing anything.

Stanofor 5 days probably won’t shut you down if you stop now and don’t continue further. You don’t have enough left to do anything prodcutive so I’d either hold onto it for a real cycle sometime later when you can actually put some time into proper planning or toss it. I wouldn’t give it to the idiot who told you to use it simply because he doesn’t deserve anythin other than the kick in the nuts I recommended in my opening response.


Thank you. I’ll keep it at 80 and increase if needed.

As for the Stano, I’m glad that I ask even though it’s too late.

Anyway, how long doest it take to shut down/ affect my test production? I Google a lot before I posted this but I mainly found about a complete cycle instead of a stupid guy like me who decided to quit incomplete cycle.

So you are almost certainly not shut down at this point. There is a big difference between suppression and shutdown. Winstrol is suppressive. Take it for long enough and sure, it could lead to total shutdown. But in reality it simply pushes down your natural testosterone production, it doesn’t halt it completely. So after five days you’re not going to be at 0 testosterone.

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Thank you for the reply. So that’s mean only blood test can tell me if my testos level is really affected after the short journey. What really worry me is I read about this guy who shared about how his balls shrunk after 2 weeks of Winny despite all the good things. I guess a week or less should be fine compared to 2 weeks.

By the way, does taking Stano without liver tonic for a week is safe?

“Safe” implies “generally risk free”, so no. Taking stanozolol for a week isn’t “safe”, it’ll still have a deleterious affect among clotting factors, lipid profile, testosterone production, joint and tendon health etc.

To put this into perspective, marijuana isn’t “safe” either, even if used once. There’s definately risks to almost all pharmaceuticals. Tylenol isn’t “safe”, nor is ibuprofen (actually Cox 2 inhibition tends to lead to cardiotoxicity so this isn’t a good example). But you get my drift

Is it extremely risky? No, but remember that most actions carry some form of risk, it’s up to the individual to assess the risk/reward ratio of said decisions.

Ehhh, a teeny tiny portion of test is produced via adrenals, AAS don’t shut down adrenal production of test, thus on a scientific level it’s impossible to shut down to ZERO. Even 6y/O kids have a teeeeeny bit

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Noted. I’ll run a blood test and share the result later just in case it’s useful.

So far my symptoms are;

-Neck headache, which is very common in people with high cholesterol level. But I suspect it’s more to stress and training strain.
-Joint pain and lower back pain. I’m always sore but never as bad like this.
-Felt weak and demotivated as fuck. Not sure if it’s due to rest or related to the drug. But able to push myself through the whole week.

Yur obviously just wanting to drop fat… just run the clen… adjust dose to what works 4 u…
Winny is dog shit but yur wasting it anyhow… all your sides sound like normal winny sides… it’s a cheap drug. It’s meant to be run in a cut stack… running it with clen sounds like a :nauseated_face: no thanks.
4 weeks b4 pool season & it’s a swarm of guys doing bullshit cycles trying to loose weight. Juice is for bulking up. Cut cycles are for guys trying to keep gainz from bulking & trim off a few percentage points & gain a few lbs of muscle. Cardio & diet is for husky bros.

What? Winny is juice, all anabolic steroids fall under that umbrella


Trust me, most of his posts do not make sense to me either @unreal24278



This guy just wants to drop fat or loose lots of weight… rapid fat loss. Yes winny var and other stuff helps fat loss. But for fat guys wanting to get leaner a cut cycle isn’t needed. I guess we could argue that but imo cut cycles are for guys wanting to she’d a FEW pounds or percents and keep or add a few lbs. So to not confuse a new guy I just said juice is for bulking. I don’t think guys needing to drop 20+ lbs need cut cycles.

Hi, so I got my blood result. I just want to share well who knows it might be useful for others out there, although some will laugh at my stupid mistake including myself. Good news, liver & thyroid function seem normal.

Abnormal result as below. In bracket is normal value.

HDL 0.72 mmol/L (0.90-3.90)
Testosterone 8.290 mmol/L (8.64 - 19.0)

2 years ago before my daughter was born, I really enjoy training 4 days/ week. Sleep minimum 6 hours, recovery is on point, I able to handle high volume and I steadily gain strength and muscle, high libido and always in a positive mood. Cardio on rest is refreshing.

However after my girl was born, I realized training 4 days/ week is very taxing mentally and physically. Sleeping 6 hours is a luxury for me, mostly 4-5 with a lot of wake-up, less interested in sex and worst I gain fat easily but not strength and muscle. My body weight keep increasing despite same diet habit. Even my wife noted my mood change especially after I take Stano. Cardio on rest day will affect my training the next day.

So I been wondering does my test is low because of lack of sleep for 2 years, worsened by Stano. Or… Stano is able suppress my test level in one week assuming my test is near to low level. Unfortunately I don’t have a baseline for my test level.

My plan so far is try to get enough rest and do a blood test in another month or two hoping it will be normal. Or maybe anyone else got other suggestion?

stanozolol will acutely suppress testosterone… even if only used for a week. HDL has also (expectedly) taken a hit.

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