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2 Weeks Off. What to Do?

Since I’m in my twelfth, I have my final exams which are really hyped. I’ve taken up StrongLifts 5x5 and just completed week 6 into week 7. It’s not possible for me to strength train for an hour and a half for another 2 weeks or at least till the 27th. If its possible, its only for half an hour. Mehdi recommends staying quiet for 2 weeks.

I was wondering if I could incorporate body weight exercises for or have this crazy suggestion… Lets take any one Compound movement. OHP for example. I just strength train this exercise for that days workout. Similarly, other movements on other days. Please help.

There are no set rules. If you’re feeling beat-up right now, take a week or two off. It’s more important that you nail your final exams. If you’re still fresh, go in, perform your main lift for the day and then leave. If you find this isn’t enough volume for you, by all means incorporate some bodyweight variations in your free time. There are plenty of great articles on this very website that show you how to make bodyweight exercises more challenging.

You’ll find in later years that you will often be pressed for time and that you’ll need to find creative ways to train around that. It usually isn’t impossible to find time to train even during the most stressful time periods ? you just need to prioritize what you do.

Thats a real meaningful thing you said there, thanks! But honestly I can’t find time around this. half an hour of bodyweight or strength train a single movement is a better option?

Then go for your loaded compound lifts. You’ll get a better training effect.

When I was in grad school, trying to keep on a powerlifting schedule, I swear I got a cold every midterm, every final week. Just too much stress and too many snotty nosed kids running around.

Deadlines at work.

Twin daughters born 6 days before a state deadlift meet.


Life happens, you’ll come out the other side okay. kgildner makes great suggestions.

Good luck on the exams.

Hopefully in the near future. Thank you both for your help!

Look at Faleevs 5x5, or you could do 531 “not doing jack shit”. Squat/Bench/Deadlift-M/W/F. Easy

eat a lot.