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2 Weeks of Two-A-Days


if there is an article/thread already dedicated to this, feel free to shut me up and redirect me

Headed home for winter break, i'm going to be doing 2-a-days for 2 solid weeks, with access to unlimited food! gotta love being home..

Any ideas on a good 2-a-day program? been doing a lot of higher reps, 9-12, for the past few months, thinking about going real heavy and lowering reps.. SUGGESTIONS would be fantastic.


I love 2 week blitzes. Couple ideas:

1) you could do a heavy workout, low reps, heavy compound weights first in the day and then use your second workout to hit the SAME MUSCLES in isolation high rep movements.

2) you could do Lower body in the Am and upper body in the pm, then wave the intensity day to day---so like Day 1 would be heavy/low rep, Day2 would be light/low rep (think explosive speed work 50% 1RM x 3-5 reps), Day 3 would be moderate/moderate, Day 4 light/moderate reps (60% x 10 or something, no failure though), Day 5 heavy/low reps again. The light/low rep days are important to help your system recover in this layout. This would be more of a strength split, better with compound movements instead of isolation stuff. Doing this you'd have to avoid failure on each day.


2 weeks, no days off?


Day one: upper body, Day two: lower body:, Day three: upper body, Day four: lower body, Day five: upper body, Day six: lower body, Day seven: rest. Do 4X12 for each body part on every day with the exception of calves which should be 4X20 and absolutely ZERO abdominal work during your program stint (your abs won't disappear in two weeks and will you will only overwork yourself training them with this frequency along with the rest of your body). Do each workout twice with at least 4 hours in between workouts and curtail all other physical exertion besides a little bit of walking or you will overtax your system. This is a version of Vince Girondas 6 week bulk. He suggests eating a lot of eggs, up to 36 a day. I can personally attest to the fact you can thrive on this amount for a short period of time. If you start complaining about the cholesterol to me your too much of a pussy to be lifting weights or attempt this program. I did it for 6 weeks and made very noticeable gains. So pick your one movement for each body part and make it feel good
Upper body example: incline, flat, or decline press for chest 4X12 horizontal pull, t-bar row, weighted pull-up, or lat pull for back 4X12 lateral raises or bent over raises for shoulders 4X12 skullcrushers or pushdowns for triceps 4X12 barbell curl or concentration curls for biceps 4X12 barbell wrist curls, reverse drag curls for wrists 4X12 Example lower body day: front squat or any quad dominant squat variation for quads 4X12 hamstring curls of SLDL for hamstrings 4X12 seated or stand calf raises for calves 4X20


i want to mention that nutrition/recovery after the 2 weeks is going to be just as, if not more important following the two week blitz.

also, be careful to listen to your body and not get hurt.


Eat more.


option 1 is the bomb


your welcome...



Due to the copious amount of food and rest i'll be able to come by, i do not plan on taking any days off. That coupled with my hometown is boring as SHIT, and training will be about the only thing there is to do.

I too like option 1.

Anyone else, need some fantastic/exhausting ideas...


dude.. youre the man


I like this approach.

When I did 2 a days, I did 4 days on 1 off. I just followed my normal split though. I lowered my volume by about 25% though


I also prefer option 1 that is how i structure my two a days


with "option 1" would you guys recommend doing it "total" body, or split days between upper and lower?


Chad Waterbury HFT 'total body' (see HIAH book)



Personally, I would use an upper/lower split.



Do a body part split.

Chest am/chest pm
Back am/back pm

you think you can do a total body workout two times a day for multiple days in a row?

That doesnt make a bit of sense.


Exactly. Do chest heavy in the morning chest lighter isolation at night. Repeat with other musce groups


I like training the same muscles twice in one day. One with heavy lower rep stuff and the other with tension and pump focus.

I like doing the lighter stuff in the morning....


that's what it suggests to do in the link that the guy posted above.. and thats charles poliquin talking...


When you asked what to do for "option 1" I assumed you were talking about what Aragorn stated.

That article is very different from what's being discussed in this thread, so far.

I didnt know you were talking about the article's program.